Apologetics Bible?


I have several Catholic bibles including The Catholic Answers Bible and the Catholic Study Bible. But im not really satisfied with them.

What are some of your favorite bibles that you use for apologetics? And is there really a good bible just for apologetics or outlined for apologetics?


I also have the Catholic Answer Bible and I like it, but really, it’s just an apologetics pamphlet whose pages are interspersed throughout the Bible. That said, I’ve see more compelling arguments made by Dave Armstrong’s books, and others.

For good apologetics, you could do better, but it’s convenient to have both “books” in one.

I am not aware of any apologetic Bibles besides Catholic Answer Bible.


I actually am wanting to ask a similar question and thought this thread might be the right place to ask. I am a new convert. While I was a protestant, I had access to have a bible with not only english but with greek and hebrew translations side by side. My question was if there was a catholic version with english and latin side by side, preferably in a study bible format?


First of all-- welcome home to the Church!

To answer your question, there isn’t a “study bible” of this sort, but there is the Navarre Bible Commentaries that have both the English one above the other (not on facing pages). The commentary itself is excellent.You can find them at most Catholic bookstores or online in various places.

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