Apologetics books for Baptist friend

Need a couple of recommendations of Catholic Apologetics books to give to a Protestant friend with training and education (seminary) in Protestant theology. He is a Baptist and a good friend. He is a senior citizen and enjoys reading. He does not have internet, but does have a DVD, so that may work also. But, I prefer a book, so he can go back and re-read if he needs to. I prefer replies from readers that have read the book (s) themselves, in a position to recommend the book. Thank you.

Rome Sweet Home, The Lamb’s Supper, Hail Holy Queen, and a Father Who Keeps his Promises are all good books from a protestant perspective. They have enough theology in them to keep one busy but not so much to make it difficult to follow. Very easy reading in my opinion.

Pope Benedict’s Jesus of Nazareth is an amazing set of books as well.


“Catholicism and Fundamentalism”, “Catholicism for Dummies” or any of the “Surprised by Truth” books.

David Currie’s “Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic” might also be good. He seems to touch on theology and Christian history a little more than Scott Hahn in “Rome Sweet Home”. Most of the books I’m aware of are personal testimonies, with varying educational backgrounds, and some readers don’t care for that. I’m sorry I don’t have something else to recommend.

Evangelical Is Not Enough

The author, Thomas Howard, is older than authors like Mark Shea and Jimmy Akin, and his writing style is beautiful…an older reader may appreciate it.

Yes, I have read the book.

The Biblical Basis for the Catholic Faith by John Salza.

Great book.

Francis Beckwith is a Catholic Revert, he was president of the Evangelical Theological Society. The book is very theological, if you don’t have a great grasp of deep theology it can be difficult. One minute Apologist by Dave Armstrong is an easy and quick read. Anything Scott Hahn is great. Karl Keating is also good.

Discuss the Traditional basis for Catholicism and you will be way ahead,

I’ll second “Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic” as well as Rod Bennet’s “The Four Witnesses”. Steve Ray’s “Crossing the Tiber” is also good. Not sure about Currie, but the other two authors were Baptist then converted to the CC.

Thanks everyone for your responses!

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