Apologetics Debates


I was just on a website and there was something about James White, a well-known anti-Catholic. Anyway, there were two articles on Catholicism, and both were taken from a non-Catholic P.O.V. When I clicked onto their main section about Catholicism, they had posted some debates they had done with Catholic Apologists. My question is why do both sides of a debate post the audio of their debate online? Do both sides think they won? And is it beneficial to listen to a debate if both sides are making it available?


I don’t think it is a matter of winning. I believe that both sides have more interest in presenting their beliefs to a group that would likely never hear what they had to say.



Hey Calvinator, that’s one of my nicknames at work. I call the guy that calls me that Richardnator. I thought Calvinator would be an unusual nickname, but I guess not.

How did you get that nickname?


I’m rather Calvinistic in my theology and had to come up with a usename for CAF and didn’t want to use butthead. :smiley:


Oh! :rotfl: :rotfl:


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