Apologetics: Defending the Faith 101


This is a thread for all aspiring Apologetics out there.

I have a few questions for those who actively engage in Apologetics, or who simply have an interest in defending the faith.

*]How did you get started in Apologetics?
*]How does one become an effective Apologist?
*]What advice would you give to an aspiring Apologist?

If you have anything else to share, please feel free. Also share any experiences you’ve had, any good books you’ve read etc


[LEFT]One of the frequent questions received by the Catholic Answers staff is how to become an apologist. Listed below are some links to information. In the future, this list may be extended as more resources become known, so be sure to check back occasionally.

AAA Forum Q & A:

Qualifications for being an apologist?
Which apologist has the Church’s approval?
How does an apologist learn to talk with people about religion?
What is internal apologetics?
How do you find reliable Catholic information online?

Catholic.com articles:

Practical Apologetics by the Catholic Answers staff
Debating 101 by Jimmy Akin
Toolbox Apologetics by Jimmy Akin
Skill Is Gained By Experience by Jimmy Akin
Five Books Every Apologist Should Read by the CA staff

Book recommendations:

Search and Rescue by Patrick Madrid
How NOT to Share Your Faith by Mark Brumley



Have have two easy suggestions:

  1. Get the BEGINNING APOLOGETICS BOOKLET SERIES right here: catholicapologetics.com/

  2. Get Karl Keating’s book “Catholicism and Fundamentalism” right here: shop.catholic.com/cgi-local/SoftCart.exe/online-store/scstore/p-B0121.html?L+scstore+nprk9427ffca4bca+1286436845

Those two items will give you a rock solid foundation towards becoming an apologist


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