Apologetics for Deism and Islam

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My priest has a gal and her fiancé in marriage prep. The fiancé is, basically, a poorly formed, lapsed Muslim. In speaking with him at length, my priest stated he’s basically taken a Deist view of God.

My priest has asked me for suggestions of literature - both short (article, tract) and long (books) to address Deism. I’m adding on the apologetics for speaking with a Muslim because if he progresses towards Catholicism he’ll have questions about that verses Islam. From what my priest said, something with a more charitable tone - like Trent Horn’s Answering Atheism.

Just occurred to me: would Trent’s DVD on Jesus’ existence be something that’s good? I haven’t seen it.

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Poor Knight for Christ and His Church.

I wonder how your priest considers a lapsed Muslim to be some kind of Deist?

Deism was fashionable in the 18th century. It rejects Christianity, yet it teaches that God does exist (from the proofs of nature.) The most effective answer to Deism was Joseph Butler’s book “The Analogy of Nature.” (1738) A very influential author over John Henry Newman. It effectively disproves Deism in favor of revealed religion and specifically Christianity. It is a very philosophical book, but that was precisely how it disproved Deism, which considered itself philosophically superior to Christianity.

It seems to me that deism has pretty much died out. It was fashionable during the enlightenment period.

Trent’s DVD “Why Believe in Jesus” may be very helpful. It basically goes through the historical Jesus specifically focusing on Jesus being a real person, death, and resurrection. As a bonus feature, it also has about a 40 min. refutation that Christianity was just a rip off of pagan religions. I would recommend it.

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