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I live in Mexico and want to ask you all a question, it is regarding to what apologetic topics should I use for a group of university students who met the Lord (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years ago…) and are faithfull… ironic as it may seem they don`t know much about our religion, like the basics and truths and stuff, cause what they mainly do is evangelize through personal testimony… so knowing this background: can u suggest 4 different topics and the order that could be given in one hour talks?
Thanks for your help!
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I am just a lay person, but to me it all starts with the important beliefs stated in the Nicene Creed. If they understood that, they would be a long way along indeed.


That’s great I would start at the begining and like the post before going through the Creed bit by bit will help also. I have a desire to help Catholics know all they can know so that when they are approached they have ammunition to fight the nay sayers. I am a work in progress and haven’t started any dialogue with my Baptist family members as of today, I am getting my info together as I am typing because I feel that Lent offers the best opportunity for it. I will pray for your success please say one for me.

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As Awalt said the Nicene Creed is a great place to start. -Look/read the Catechism of the Catholic Church and find short and basic topics and questions to talk about.
-Talk about how Christianity is part of Mexican culture.
-Talk about different Saints and how they were an example of how to live as Christians.
-Explain each and every part of the Mass, have them read along with the church missal.
-Talk abou the seasons of Christmas, Lent, all Holy Days.
-Seek the answers to your questions on places like Catholic.com, Catholic Answers Forums, the Chatechism, etc.


Thanks for your help! All of you! I like the idea about starting with the Nicene Creed, yep, thats basic! and what ChatholicDude suggested about talking about Mexican Culture and the catholic religion wold be really good, although i think that would be a whole year course… but i think we can manage to do something like that… thanks for yor help and if anyone else has any other ideas it would be great, im really open to listen to them all!
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pd: Kathleen, you are in my prayers…


San Juan Catholic Seminars has beginning apologetics books, now I believe available in Spanish, link on CA homepage.


all have Spanish language pages and guides to Spanish language resources


How about the early Church Fathers and what they say about Baptism of babies, The Pope, Confession…etc, Basic Catholic beliefs?


Thanks Michael, I believe thats a good advice…
i just have a question (to you all…), say this: you have 4 one hour “classes”… in which you gotta be basic, but if you wanna reach something good you cant be that basic, so how would you suggest to approach it? and also: would it be better to, hmm lets say a topic per “class”, or in the other hand for example: “Early Church Fathers” and say lots of stuff they said, inlcuding the cathecism, what you said about baptism etc… trying to stuff alot in one hour…?
(forgive all of my questions, but i want to hear different opinions based on experience on which serves the most, the thing is that we usually give other kinds of teachings, but i managed to convince people apologetics is rather important, so i want this few “classes” we have to be enriching and that can be used in what we do the most in universities here: evangelize!)
Thank you all!
God bless


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