Apologetics Help?


I'm trying to get into apologetics of some sorts but I need some help.

Does anyone have any good resources to help me get started? Any books?

And is demonology supported by the Catholic Church? Is there an area of apologetics that deals with spiritual/demonic things?

Nice answers please :)






As for the demonic - I'm not sure if the books I'm familiar with are "apologetics" per se, but there is a lot to be learned from the following:

The Rite by Matt Baglio - best book I've read on the subject (see my review ;))
The exorcist of which The Rite describes is Fr. Gary Thomas, who was interviewed on Catholic Answers Radio.
An Exorcist Tells His Story by Fr. Gabriele Amorth (be sure to read the intro by Fr. Groeschel in this one because Fr. Amorth has a sensationalist reputation of sorts)
Interview with an Exorcist (Fr. Fortea) I've not read this, but I have heard audio of his teaching on exorcism.

Oh, and p.s. for general apologetics, one of the books that helped get me started was Tim Staples Nuts & Bolts. I also listened to tons of archived Q&A Open Forum episodes, mostly featuring Jimmy Akin and Karl Keating.


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