Apologetics in general

Just occurred to me that it may be really helpful to have categories for apologetics on your website that will be helpful for subgroups to go directly to some common concerns. Most of the discussions between Protestants and Catholics are way over the head of Agnostics and Atheists or other non-Christian backgrounds. The idea is that someone will come to Catholic answers who for example has an agnostic background and will be easily guided to a page that has frequently asked questions by agnostics and how to begin Christianity as an agnostic.

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I don’t know that I would say that discussions between protestants and Catholics are “way over the head” of a non-believer. Non-belief does not (necessarily) equate ignorance.

My fiance has studied religion as part of his Masters program and remains agnostic. My cousin is brilliant, and has studied religion extensively and remains an atheist. She could hold her own with pretty much anyone in a discussion, she simply doesn’t believe.

Agreed, though I think that most agnostic/atheists (which are really the same thing) are simply apathetic about religion. Those people are unlikely to have any interest in participating in apologetic discussions on the world’s foremost Catholic Forum, so we don’t see many of them here. You would not expect to see me participating in a knitting forum, because knitting doesn’t interest me.

The atheists who come here are typically more “committed” to their non-faith. They are among the most knowledgeable and reasonable participants on this Forum.

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