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We are a group of 8 couples who have just finished a study on the Theology of the Body. Next year we are consdiering a program on Apologetics. Are there resources available for a group study that can be participant led and provide good discussion questions and accurate theology?


It is wonderful that a group like yours is forming to study the faith and the reasons for it.

First, always remember 1Pet 3:15. This is important.

Next, you could use the San Juan Study Guides by Jim Burnham and Steve Woods.

After this, you could use the book “The Essential Catholic Survival Guide” which I find excellent.

Another less costly way to go is to download tracts from Catholic.com that may be of interest and discuss them.

Other places that have info is biblechristiansociety.com, the blog of Steve Ray, etc.



For Catholic Moral teaching I also recommend William E. May’s : Catholic Bioethics and the Gift of Human Life.

But ultimately you need a Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis wouldn’t hurt either.

Hope this helps.

-Conall Cernach


Ditto that on the catechism or it could even be the compendium to the catechism which is excellent also.



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This is what you need:

San Juan Catholic Seminars


Beginning Apologetics Booklet Series

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This is a great series for small group study. The first booklet has an accompanying study guide. The others do not, but you could work through them on your own easily enough, I would think. Great series. It’s cheaper if your order the complete set. It includes all ten booklets, the study guide for booklet 1, and a one page (two-sided) laminated Catholic verse finder (which gives you scriptural citations for all the most often questioned Catholic beliefs).


Its expensive enough but Father Corapi’s series of DVD’s on the Catechism is great, our group did this about six or seven years ago, for me it was life changing.


The Catholic Home Study Service has some wonderful books that could be used for bible study. They come with workbooks that accompany the study books. Some of the titles are: We Worship: A guide to the Catholic Mass; The Privilege of Being Catholic; Christ’s Mother and Ours; etc. I am on my fifth book right now. Have not used them in a bible study but I know you could. There is a website: www.amm.org/chss.htm. if you want to check it out. :thumbsup:



I have found Karl Keating’s books, among them Catholicism and Fundamentalism and The Usual Suspects, to be good and highly informative. Although I don’t know whether or not I have What Catholics Really Believe in my personal library, it is also a good resource for explaining why Catholics believe what they believe. I hope this helps. :o :wink: :thumbsup: :cool:


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