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Of late, the clergy of my parish have become concerned about Catholic’s falling away into Protestant sects. I’ve offered to start a kind of an apologetics society to distribute tracts and leaflets defending the Catholic faith.

So I’m hoping you’ll can recommend some good online resources to provide material for these tracts. It should be concise, easy to understand and yet answer all the commonly asked questions particularly on the two M’s (Mass and Mary) and the parallel two S’s (saints and sacraments)

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You can check here:
Cor ad cor liquitur



My four favorites:






You might want to look into purchasing the tracts available from Catholic answers.

I bought the whole set, but you can buy just the ones you want (I think).

I’ve seen them in the vestibule of some churches…



  1. This may be a bit tougher, but St. Francis de Sales wrote pamphlets which were collated into a book called, “The Catholic Controversy.” You can find it online here. You can also buy it, search for it on Amazon or something.

It hits all the major Protestant things-- the authority of the Church, Scripture, Purgatory, etc. It’s very good. As a single book, it’s just fantastic.

  1. Phatmass. Try the Phatmass Defence Directory. Lots of links.


P.S. Already mentioned, but Dave’s site is excellent.


Here is a link with numerous other links to apologetic websites. Some of the sites listed are no longer functioning, but there are many that are still up and running.


Also, this site has some good apologetics which are especially useful in defending the faith against the evangelical argument.

And, of course, don’t forget the Catholic Answers tracts. They are excellent!


Check these out!!


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Here are some resources:


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