Apologetics-Who will help me become one?


I recently qualified as a Catechist and also have a Masters Degree in Philosophy. I have been called after listening to Catholic Answers for nearly two years now- and I am a convert myself- to set up a podcast in my home in Wales and do a podcast appertaining to Catholic spirituality around the county-interviews with people, talking about the Catholic history of the county and with a blend of humour, anecdotes , and activities of the Faithful in the County, I hope to make a diffierence in getting it onto the ipods of kids there. I recently heard Steve Ray talk about the Eucharist whilst driving to London, and it was so amazing. I have to work but my podcast thing is happening shortly. What I want to ask is, could Catholic Answers possibly deliver ten minute segments of such programmes for downloads to podcasts suc as mine? I could point them to Catholic answers from my podcast as few people-even Catholics with computers seem to know about it? Are there mini segments of beautiful prayers or psalm verses with lovely music which could be downloaded and included. How do you monitor what people say on the programmes-I need a spiritual director but my local priest has just learned to use a computer and I think I have learned enough not to mess up. Yet perhaps someone from here could offer to help? The Archbishop of Wrecsam recently wished me well in the work,and I feel God has told me to do it, but would like friends to help and give me ideas. How do you become an apologist-do youneed a theology degree?
Few people are doing this at all in Wales or England so I am a bit of a trailblazer yet with the help of God I feel I can do it.Advice anyone?:slight_smile:


I wish you all the best in your efforts to spread the Catholic Christian faith! I hope and pray that your efforts will result in the saving of souls!!!


Hiya! :wave:

I’m a Catechist in my parish and it led me to having to answer lots of questions and therefore trying to better understand myself. I undertook a degree in Catholic theology and would highly recommend it for appologetics!

Can we keep in touch? Like you say, there’s not many of us in the UK!


(From over the other side of Clawdd Offa)


Thank you for your prayers Bigwill!! Ev


Hello . Yes Europe is almost defenceless in the media who are all busy keeping any of our views out of the papers-unless its in a bad light that is. The podcast scenario means we can circumvent this bias, but I would love the help of some people on here answering questions on my forum, when it is set up for British people and any help gratefully appreciated.

It would be good to do a theological degree and once my podcasting station and programme is all set up and going I will have a go. I am , however, also attempting GCSE Latin this year and hoping to do the same with Greek next summer as I had a lot of interesting stuf for my podcast which did not come in English! The Podcast will be called (and not up yet will let you know when)Mary in Monmouthshire. We had the enormous blessing of the newly carved reproduction statue of Our Lady, St Mary of Tintern dedicated at Tintern Abbey on September 9th by Archbishop Peter of Cardiff and if you could have heard 1000 people singing the ‘Salve Regina’ in that monumnet to the wickedness of Henry VIII it would give you real hope for the future, especially as Christians of all persuasions took part. Curoiously a Mediaeval Society turned up from another pilgrimage and led the procession at the end where candles and flowers were placed in honour at the feet of the statue. How amazing I thought, ‘Our Lady is gathering the Church for her son- she is back in their consciousness!’ Everyone was so happy and in fact planning the next stage-a new holy house perhaps? It was a ‘miraculous’ statue (because it always wanted to be in one place’. Therefore following on the momentum -I was told to do the podcasts.I haven’t got a choice anymore. It is difficult as I am not technical, but I am learning!!! It’s just my little way.


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