Apologetics with Charity


You know, I’ve been looking for good Protestant forums to discuss doctrine and thus far have found nothing but biggoted rude and uncharitable people once they start talking about Catholicism.

Here however, I have seen people working in love, careful and charitable in all discussions. Now there are some people who are the exception here, but overall Catholic Answers forum members do work in love. No person, protestant or non-christian, would remain here and ask questions if people weren’t loving and understanding in their responses.

When I go to the Protestant forums (the ones I have found anyways), hear so many ridiculous things like, Catholicism is the Darkness, Catholics worship Mary, Catholics believe you can earn your salvation through works, the pope is the antichrist, etc, it really makes you wonder about these people and shows how much misinformation there really is out there.

Actually, if anyone could recommend a good Protestant forum to discuss theology, I’d appreciate it.

For everyone that reads this, keep working in Charity, as there is no better way to witness to Christ.



I agree with you. Over the several months I’ve been here, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the hostility level go down quite a bit.

Maybe it seems that way partly because I arguably learned how to cut down my own hostility level, but I really have noticed an apparent trend.





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