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I am a practicing Catholic with a strong love for my faith and a desire to knowledgeably defend it. When it comes to apologetics resources, it seems to me that the vast majority of books and websites present information with the intent of defending our faith against protestant arguments. That is all fine and good, but what about sources to help Catholics defend their faith against the arguments of the Orthodox? For example, their position on the papacy, who split from who, the filoque, etc. Does anyone have articles on websites or books I can review to really get into the nitty-gritty of our differences? I am particularily interested in the historical aspect.

Also, as a bit of a side issue (but related), does anyone know why and when did the Orthodox came to be called “Orthodox”? I mean, wasn’t the original Church referred to as the Catholic Church in the very early centuries or was that only a name used in the west? Were the Churches in the east always called Orthodox? I honestly don’t know. I’ve only heard the names Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox, etc.

Any information/links/books would be most helpful. Thanks!


LOL!! Guess no one else has any sources either…

Anyone… Anyone…?


Google David Armstrong and Eastern Orthodox.
He has many Articles on the Eastern Orthodox and I believe he is in the Process of writing a book of Apologetics that defends the Catholic faith against Eastern Orthodox attacks. Also, look for a book on the Catholic answers shop By Vladimir Sovloviev. I think it is called the Russian Church and the Papacy.


Some links for you :slight_smile: :















Thanks to you both!

FCEGM- It is a little ironic that you posted that first link (the article by Jimmy Akin). There was recently a thread in the Eastern forum about that very article. It was an interesting discussion and it is partly why I wanted to pursue more info.


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