Why do I have to defend my faith? it never ends well:( and I end up being mentally drained. I think if I live a good Christian life people will be curious about why I am so freakin content and peaceful:) .I know of a few people who vigorously defend our faith and the result is usually the attacker hates us even more.In essense I am strong in my faith and no one can sway my opinion.There are so many in the world that do not share our faith and become very agitated when it is stated that if you are not Catholic you have no access to salvation, correct me if I am wrong…the Church states that the Catholic church is the ONLY true church founded by Jesus Christ with the exception of the Orthodox church? so how does one tell anyone in a nice way that to not be Catholic is to not have salvation? I dont go there:o some Catholics are more agressive with theology than others…again,not me. I Fully support all church doctrine 100% I have complete faith in the Catholic church.:highprayer:


I knew a priest who directed retreats, but he hated to engage in religious argumentation (aka apologetics). If someone wanted to argue about religion, he would rather invite them to have a beer and discuss other matters. So I would say it’s not particularly obligatory to engage in apologetics. If it only gets your blood pressure up, whats’ the point?


As a person who has argued with a lot of Catholics, I can give you some advice.

If you are going to talk about your faith with people who don’t believe the same way you do, talk about what you know. I’m willing to bet that your belief in Catholicism isn’t based on how much you like the ontological argument or Pascal’s wager.

I’m betting there is another reason. There is a deeper calling that keeps you wanting to be Catholic. Talk about that. It has three advantages over anything else that you could say:

  1. You know it’s true.
  2. No one can argue with you.
  3. It’s probably far more interesting than any tired old argument you can dredge up.

Addition: Oh, and one all-important reason that I forgot is that it won’t insult anyone else!

I don’t know where people get the idea that they are going to get me to convert by insulting my intelligence or morals. It just comes across like they are more interested in bolstering their own ego rather than any interest in Catholicism.


Is it enough to know your Faith?No.
Is it enough to live your Faith?No.

Although both are important.

*Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope. But do it with gentleness and reverence, keeping your conscience clear, so that, when you are maligned, those who defame your good conduct in Christ may themselves be put to shame.

For it is better to suffer for doing good, if that be the will of God, than for doing evil.*
I Peter 3:15-17


All good replys, why does this spell check not work? I am not the best at spelling:eek: someone inquires about why I am catholic I simply refer them to the catholic encyclopedia definition of FAITH:knight1: explained so well there, they have no interest in doing that than I figure they are trying to pick a fight.I have to tell you it really hurts my feelings when someone thinks I am developmentally delayed, a fool, mentally ill, a religious bigot…however I carry on.


Is that how you got your faith? You looked it up in an encyclopedia?
Seems a little impersonal.

When I was Catholic I did it because I wanted there to be a purpose to the universe. I wanted to believe that there was a loving reason to the way the world looked. I also liked talking to God. But that wasn’t until I was older.

When I was child I hated talking to God. God was this all-powerful parent with a bad temper who was going to get mad if I stepped out of line. As I got older my sense of God changed. I liked him better… at least for awhile.

It seems odd that you don’t have a personal experience. But I’m not trying to start a fight, so I’m not going to pursue this thread anymore unless invited to do so.


that is the Catholic enclopedia… I am not going to memorize and quote all catholic theology, my point is the reference is clear and concise however very long:eek: I have personal experience…the original post referred to me loathing to get into arguements over theology as I find it to be futile and mentally draining, have you visited catholic encylopedia? has helped me quite a bit in my quest for christian knowledge, it is one of many sources that guide me.You are welcome on this thread as far as I am concerned:D peace be with you…I do love my church.


I like you approach, but…

are you referring to the definition of “FAITH” in the Old Catholic Encyclopaedia?

or the definition of “FAITH” in the New Catholic Encyclopaedia?


When I was younger I had plenty of opinions, was contentious and polemical. I still have the opinions but try not to be argumentative. I found in my case it didn’t get me anywhere.

I am a loner and do not come into contact with many people. When I do religion or faith is usually not a topic of conversation.

I do enjoy studying apologetics even though I am not that well versed in it.

I suppose the only people I am sometimes forced to discuss these topics with are Jehovah Witnesses. However, I got tired of that routine and usually try to avoid their conversations.



NAS 1Peter 3:15

but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence;



Has anyone ever been convinced by religious argumentation? The only people I know who have been converted with the help of apologetics are those who convinced themselves. (That is, they might have read and pondered some of Karl Keating’s works, but had Karl been standing there in person pounding home the point they would probably have just gotten defensive.)


i agree with you. but this says give explanation to any one who asks for the reason of your hope. i see noone coming here and ask these questions. what i see here most the time are arguments back and forth and proves nothing.

one trying to convert the other. what happens is that both sides become angry at each other and bash begins.


old one? was not aware of a new one until I swwn reference to it here last night.do nto know the difference between the 2 at this time.


ooooooh!:slight_smile: I see the difference now:) I am referring to the new catholic encyclopedia.


well for the most part I agree with you…sometimes I can gauge if someone is truly seeking info as they try to decide if Catholicism is right for them, them I carefully choose my words to explain my beliefs and why I suscribe to my theological POV.It really hurts to hear some of the hatred directed towards Catholics.There is a large contingent of LDS here and seems like a favorite topic among non LDS is to rip them…not me, thats not right:whacky:


i believe many Catholics, and i am no judging no one, i am probably guilty of that too, that we give to much information and let’s face non catholics are the unlearned they know nothing about faith, only falsehood. we need not to give them so much info.

I say let’s keep the info to a minimum. i suggest instead of given all the knowledge about the Church, let them do the talk, let them do the defense of their faith and why they believe what they believe. then slowly explain our faith but to a minimun.


The Christian religion has always been under criticism from those who do not understand it and want it to go away.

It is inevitable that people who do not share one’s Faith will raise a challenge. One must be prepared at least with one’s own reasoning, after all there must be some reason we believe what we do. It can’t just be because Momma sat us on her knee and told us these things. There must be something that confirms us in our convictions, of course that cannot be expected to satisfy everyone but it has to at least satisfy us.

However I don’t think a place like this, and arguments such as one sees here, will change the minds of the engaged participants. Usually these people (you and I for example) are pretty much set in their own way. But the observing lurkers may very well be influenced, they will either be impressed or not, and they will be convinced or not probably without making themselves known.

So to me there does not seem to be any reason to let the blood pressure rise, just say what needs to be said and little more. And I suppose it’s helpful keep a sense of humor. :slight_smile:

After that it is the Holy Spirit’s job.



The holy spirit indeed, it is beyond me most of the time to change things.peace be with you.


I’ve been an apologist for just short of a year now. I always try to help “correct those in need”–an act of mercy–in a public setting. Even if I fail to change the heart of the one who I am replying to, hundreds or thousands of others can read our discussion. The more venomous they are the kinder I am, thereby defeating them in debate, even if they do not realize it.

It’s important to remember why God puts these people in front of us. It isn’t to pump our ego’s, but to be filled with pity, as they need our help and our prayers. If evil works through them, it becomes all the more necessary for us to be filled with love, radiating it out to all. And remember, most of all, that ‘there but by the grace of God go I.’

The best advice I can give is Jesus’ example to all of us in Lk 19:1-10. How did Jesus change the heart of Zaccheus? Did He shout out accusations and condemnations? James 2:18


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