How do I answer objections that the Church is corrupt, that it has done alot of crimes???

The Church has two natures, human and divine. In its divine nature, guided by the Holy Spirit, it is holy and the main means for men to receive God’s saving graces. In its human nature it is prone to sin and corruption because fallible men and women are in positions of authority.

When bad things happen it is because the human element failed/sinned. God sees the Church as perfect, but he knows the people in it are but sinners who are “working out our salvation with fear and trembling”. The Church is not a monolith, it’s a family. And in every family there are those who bring it dishonor. It is the same for the Church, and will be until Christ returns.

Well an apple tree has rotten apples as well as good, doesn’t mean the whole tree is rotten…

You can answer that we do not practice the Faith because we are holy… we practice the faith because we aren’t! We are all sinners so why should we be surprised when scandals arise in the administration of the Church? Jesus came to call sinners so it shouldn’t be a big surprise that His Church is full of them. That fact takes nothing away from the dogmas or teaching of the Faith. The Faith is perfect, the faithful are not. Often we’re not even that faithful!

So why do so many like to pass judgment on and attack the Church? Scoffers love to point fingers at the Church when a scandal arises; they like to believe that this somehow invalidates what the Church teaches. It gives them an easy excuse why they can cast off the idea of faith and religion and thus feel comfortable with the idea that they will not someday be held accountable for their own sins. There is a real truth in the adage that when you point a finger at someone else there are four pointing back at you!

In all of the history of mankind up to today there has never been a religion of any denomination, organization, corporation, civilization, country city, town or village, or any body of human beings that have been free of their member’s foibles, weaknesses or bad acts or judgment. From the very beginnings of the Church Saint Paul spent much of his life after his conversion dealings with the short comings of Church members and we were warned that there would be wolves in the sheepfold! There were wolves then and there are wolves now! When things go wrong in the administration the Church we don’t avail ourselves of the option breaking away and joining or creating a new denomination. We don’t change Truth subject to the winds of popular secular opinion. We keep the Faith!

Our Faith tells us to strive for perfection, but we know we will never reach absolute perfection in this life. It’s the striving and progress we make that is important. True perfection comes in the next life if we are faithful in this one.

Sure the human aspect of the Church will always mess up. But the truth She protects will never be prevailed against regardless of the weaknesses, mistakes and sins of people. Again the Faith is perfect, the faithful are not.

Why should the news that the Church is under constant attack be a surprise to anyone? The Roman Catholic Church is Satan’s number one enemy! It is responsible for all souls who have and will be saved from him. He is most threatened by it and continually weaves his schemes to undermine and discredit it and to enlist whomever he can in this effort.

The Catholic Church has been called the “last acceptable bigotry” fair game for anyone who wants to take pot shots at Her. So why don’t we retaliate? Why don’t we march and riot, Why don’t we blow up our enemies? Why do we always turn the other cheek and forgive? Oh yeah, because God commanded us too!

As the mystical body of Christ on earth we bear the marks that he said His Church will bear. We are One! We are Holy! We are Apostolic! We are Catholic! We are the Pillar and Ground of Truth, and the gates of hell will never prevail against us! So tell them to take their best shot and we’ll keep on loving them and forgiving them! We stand together with Christ, his Apostles, the communion of saints, the holy Martyrs, the Holy souls and the choirs of Angels!


[sign]say amen somebody![/sign]

Sometimes it seems the rottenest apples are the ones that fall off the tree and lay on the ground a while.:eek:

This is how you answer them.

Read the history of the Church and observe how much good it has done in the world.

It established universities and hospitals everywhere it has taken hold.

It fed the hungry, sheltered the poor, and taught the ignorant through its missionary efforts.

It helped to successfully resist the advance of Islam into Western Europe.

It contributed to the rise of science starting in the Middle Ages.

It provided the teaching of morals to all classes of people.

It resisted tyrants where it could.

All these things and many more are often forgotten when critics of the Church take out their pamphlets on the Inquisition, which by modern standards was not much of a bloodbath compared to Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, all enemies of religion.

Yes well unless an apple falls from the tree and dies, it remains just that, an apple … :wink:

And not forgetting our own modern day holocaust…the murder of the unborn which will put all the rest in the shade…SHAME on mankind !

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