Apologist Dominican Sisters?


Are there any? Thanks for your help!


I'm of the belief that ALL Dominican orders are into apologetics. Their motto is "truth" so they firmly believe in preaching the truth in Holy Mother Church. The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist are probably the best at it because they are a pretty young order and they love evangelizing others. One of their favorite topics is "Theology of the Body" so I'm told. :)


What I mean is like apologetics with Protestants. I dearly love debating and it kills me to hear protestants talk trash about the Catholic Church because they have no clue about what they are saying or what Catholics believe in.



As it was stated, any Teaching Order, esp. Dominicans have the exposition of Doctrine, the Truth of our Faith, the Love of Truth as their Charism and Mission.

The Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate, of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, for example, include Apologetics as a part of their Retreats and Conferences to Parents, Youth and University Students. Their aim to equip souls with the correct reference points in Scripture and Traditiion to bear witness as to why we believe what we believe. These reference points serve as a basis for personal testimony. Why we believe, then why I believe personally, how I lived this or that Truth.

I would recommend you emailing some Dominican Communities and asking them what books they recommend, but esp. what approach to focus on. We should say the Truth with humility and love to anyone, Protestant or not. Apologetics is not winning a fight because you have the right answer, making your power felt as if you were the Truth. It is bearing witness to the Truth as a messenger, knowing I am not the Author of the Truth and that the Truth died on a Cross to save the soul of the person I am talking with, as trying to the patience as their attitude may be. The way we say the Truth is just as important as the Truth itself, because both are an expression of the Spirit of Truth that abides within us. I know what you mean. How often did the Precious Blood boil in His veins during His conversations with us upon earth?

Fr. Dominic


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