Apology to Mike Brick


In the interests of further clearing the air after some of the acrimonious debates I’ve been involved with concerning Luther, I would like to apologize to Mike Brick for accusing him of “bigotry” in his critique of Luther. This language was inexcusable and I ask his forgiveness.



I would like to apologize to you for some on the intermperate comments I have made to you in the last few weeks.


And I to you!



Aww, I (Christianly) love you guys! Group hug! (even if i didn’t insult anyone recently, can i still be included?) :rotfl:


I apologize for my excessive use of ":D"s. :smiley:


You should use this instead:





In the example set by Jesus Christ, I gladly accept Edwin’s apology, and have already told him my original opinion that he is the ultimate gentleman is completely restored. And Edwin I too apologize for coming across so strongly in my post on Luther as well.

In Christ

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