I need to offer an apology to all of those on this site.
I am not who I said I was, my name is Scott and I’m not a paraplegic. I’m sorry to all of you and mostly sorry to God.

I ask all for your forgiveness and again I’m sorry.
God Bless and Merry Christmas


I dont know you Scott, nor have I recalled reading your posts, but I want to tell you its a brave thing to do what you are doing, and most pleasing to God.

Please pray about this, and other issues and you will find more peace.

If you need more specific help here feel free to ask away. You are safe here.


hello… i did a search on your id and found your posts where you mention that you are a paraplegic… can you tell me why you felt the need to do this?
no judgement on my side as I know that I have done some things too which I am ashamed of right now…

take care… go for confession and believe in HIS grace to forgive… :slight_smile:


I was wondering why you never replied back to my last PM.

However, dude, I forgive you whatever your intentions were. And if you are in Atlanta like you said and you still want to message me or chat honestly, I’m a good listener.


Also, you might want to update your member profile. :slight_smile:


You have my forgiveness. But you do not have my understanding. If you care to enlighten us with your reasons, I’d love to be able to understand. But I also respect your right to not have to explain yourself…it is not necessary in order to obtain forgiveness. But it would satisfy my curiosity:o . I have known people to misrepresent themselves in MANY ways but this is a new one.



Apology accepted…but why did you feel you needed to lie about something like this?


The cynic in me wonders what “Scott’s” motives for an apology are. Perhaps he needs forgiveness for something unrelated to his “paraplegia”. Personally I think his pretending to be something he is not (why on earth a paraplegic?) is a sad indication of something far deeper that is troubling him.


Wow. So the whole conversation we had about marathons wasn’t ligit? Too weird?! Didn’t you hear of the 11th commandment: Thou shalt not make up fake profiles on CA? :wink:

Apology accepted.

God Bless & Merry Christmas to you also.


You might want to update your profile too…:slight_smile:

A blessed Advent and Merry Christmas!



I didn’t think you were…
hope you’ll stick around. :slight_smile:


Hi Scott:

Noticed you had logged in this past week. Just checking on how you are doing in case you log back in soon.


I wasn’t involved in any threads with you Scott, but I think this is a good reminder about how easy it is for people to misrepresent themselves online.


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