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When did apostle John die? And when did he begin to write his revelations on Jesus? When a person wrote such things what did they do with them? Distribute them or hide them?


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The following link gives some history on St. John.




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Three dates are typically proposed by biblical scholars: pre-70 AD, around 90 AD, or after 100 AD. Most scholars feel safe saying he wrote his Revelations around 90 AD. In all likelihood, John wrote his Revelations (the Apocalypse) for the Christian faithful living at that time. The revelations themselves deal with overcoming persecution, affliction, tribulations, and not losing hope in the greater truth that God will not allow His people to suffer long. It is a book which, in many ways, expresses a sense of hope - especially during a time when it would be easy to lose hope due to the Christian persecutions. It’s hard to imagine John writing such things and then hiding them - and it’s even harder to imagine that the Holy Spirit, guiding John’s pen, would inspire him to write such things if they weren’t meant for mass consumption!


If you look at the prophets throughout Scripture, unless I’m wrong, ALL of the prophecies had at least a partial fulfillment within the prophets lifetime. Ultimately, they may have had a greater fulfillment, but they were still addressed first and foremost to “this generation”.

If that is true, then you would assume that the Apocalypse of John had a partial fulfillment in the destruction of the Temple. Thus, Revelation would have been written prior to 70AD, during the persecution of Nero, rather than in the 90’s during the (somewhat lighter) persecution of Domitian.


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