Apostle Thomas: Faith, no faith, Faith


The apostle Thomas moved from faith to no faith. Then back to faith.


That was the gospel reading for today. It brought to mind the many discussions on here regarding proofs for God. Some seem to need proof for whatever reasons they may have. Others need no proof because of their faith.



That is where I got the idea–at Mass.

It is also some thing to consider–Thomas had faith. Thomas lost his faith! Thomas got it back.


I think it was Dorothy Sayers that suggested that St Thomas had deeper insight into the Resurrection than the rest. St Thomas realized that, if Jesus raised Himself from the dead, it was conclusive proof that He was God. Thus he needed more than the word of others for that. Thus, his statement “My Lord, My God.”


I believe the important principle: Faith–No Faith–Faith!

Thomas lost his faith!


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