Apostles creed phonetic pronunciation in Irish


I am hoping someone may be able to give the Irish phonetic pronunciation of the Apostles Creed.
below is the creed in Irish Gaelic, I want to be able to say my rosary in Irish but cant pronounce the creed.

Thank you very much

Creidim i nDia, an tAthair Uilechumhachtach,
Cruthaitheoir Nimhe agus Talún,
agus i nÍosa Criost a Aonmhac san ár dTiarna,
do gabhadh ón Spriod Naomh,
do rugadh ó Mhuire ógh,
d'fhulaig páis fé Phointeas Píolóid,
do céasadh ar an gcrois,
fuair bás agus d'adhlacadh,
chuaigh síos go hifreann,
d'aiséirigh an treas lá ó mhairbhe,
chuaigh suas ar neamh,
tá ina shuí ar dheasláimh Dé en tAthair Uilechumhachtach,
as san tiocfaidh ag tabhairt bhreithiúntais ar bheo is ar mhairbh.
Creidim sa Spriod Naomh,
sa naomh-Eaglais Chaitliceach,
i gComaoine na Naomh,
i Maithiúnachas na bPeacaí,
i nAiséirí na Colla,
is sa Bheatha Shíoraí.


I’d love to know the answer to this, too! If you come across it elsewhere, dadtf, can you post it here?



Hi there

I studied in Ireland in my Jr year of college and tried to learn some Irish...it is a really difficult language to learn!!!

I think it would be best to find an Irish speaker to tape it for you and listen to it, rather than trying to read it. I wonder if you contacted a seminary or convent in Ireland, if they would help you with this? Perhaps even a college professor.....

Good luck!


I wish I could remember where I heard this said by Frank Mc Court........have you tried searching you tube?


Exactly how it would be pronounced varies a bit with the dialect of Irish. If it was Donegal Irish, it would be something like this:

KRAY-jim in YEEah ah TAH-hir ILLi-HOO-a-tah
KRUH-hee-hur NAY-ve is TAH-lun
is in EE-sa KREE-st a AYN-wak-sin ARE JEER-na
ah GO-oo ohn SPIRR-ad NEE-ahv
ah RUG-oo OH WIRR-ah ohg
ah DOOL-ing PAH-sh FwEE - FAWN-chus PEE-latch
a FOO-ir BAHSS is ah AH-LA-COO
ah WHO-ee SHEE-is guh HIF-RAN
ah WHO-ee SOO-as ahr NYOW
ATAH na HEE ahr YESH JAY a TAH-hir ILLi-WHOO-a-tah
*** shin CHUCK-hee shay hun BRAY-WHO-nas ah HOW-arch air VYOH is air WAR-iv
KRAY-jim suh SPIRR-ad NEE-uv
suh NEE-uv-EH-glash HAWCH-LICK-ah
i GOM-EEN nuh NEE-uv
im WHY-WHOO-nus na BYACK-ee
i NASH-ree - nuh CULL-inn-ye
is suh VYAH-ha HEE-ree

Irish is spelled VERY non-phonetically for an English speaker, and there's not any "standard" way of Anglicising the spelling. The above is not quite right since some of the sounds aren't exactly like the closest english equivalent, and since Irish has some sounds that don't exist in english. (The Irish "ch" is like the sound in either the German "ach" or "ich" for example.) But hopefully that's helpful. I agree with the post that suggested you try to find a recording of it.


I will continue to search. I am traveling to Ireland in March and may ask a relative to tape ot for me. If I can get a sound file I will post it
Thanks so much for this, It is certainly more then I currently have.
I agree Irish is not an easl language.
I know most of my prayers in irish but not the creed.
thanks for helping me get a step closer.


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