apostles creed

Hello sorry to seem dumb, but it say’s in the apostles creed that Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead, i’m new to all this but i always thought that when you die you are judged there and then and you go to heaven or hell or maybe pergatory, so if that is the case why would you be judged again at the end of time or have i got it all wrong ? sorry if i seem stupid in this matter.

First let me clarify an important point. Purgatory is not a third place. In that, one goes to Heaven or Hell or Purgatory. Scripturally, there exist only two possibilities after you die. You are either saved or you are not. Either Heaven or Hell. Purgatory exists as part of Heaven.

That being said, I will provide you a link to an explanation that should answer your question…


They wrote it already, no sense in re-inventing the wheel!

God Bless.

Thank you for your reply, that was a great help.:slight_smile:

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