Apostles of the Virgin to fulfill His designs according to St Louis De Montfort

I found this great summary online about those who do the St Louis De Montfort consecration


To find out more about this go here~ fisheaters.com/totalconsecrationmontfort.html

Thank you for posting this! Have you done the consecration before? I have been wondering if I should do this.

Yes I have and it has certainly changed my life for the better. Have you read “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin”? Or “The Secret of Mary”? which is shorter than True Devotion.

Seriously though doing it is something that I have never regretted and I do feel more spiritually protected now by the Blessed Virgin :heart:

No, I am a Protestant convert and have not really drawn close to the Blessed Mother yet. Recently I began feeling that I needed to seek her out and began asking for her intercession much more frequently. Then last week I had some unusual thoughts about her come to me out of nowhere. I was not sure about them and was going to talk to my Pastor to make sure I wasn’t going off the deep end. But, the link you posted says the same things, so I guess not!

Thank you for mentioning those books. I will get them!

Hey I had a Protestant phase too… I went to a Pentecostal Church for a while,
I even lived with some Pentecostal women at one point whilst I was Catholic and my life there was a nightmare until I found out about this True Devotion. The women told me once they thought it was bad to pray to Mary because it takes away from Jesus, and I agreed, but later felt bad that I felt that away about the loving Mary, so I decided to go head on into loving her and found the True Devotion book and it was when I found that , that I had peace in that house, also I prayed before I moved out of there that they would one day come to love Mary, and hehehe, the girl to move in after me was Catholic and her name was MARY!!! Hahahah!!!
Maybe that girl had more luck than me there. But there is a book by a convert Scott Hahn called “Hail Holy Queen” which I have heard to be quite good.
But yes it is funny but obviously no coincidence that I was also a Protestant at one point, and now I think there is no reason not to love Mary as your Mother. The book True Devotion will really open your eyes.

I have read the Scott Hahn book. It is great! It would be interesting to find out if that girl converted them. It is hard though for someone who was raised Protestant to convert as they are trained from a young age that Catholics are doing all sorts of wrong things. That is too bad because we all love the same God. Speaking of coincidences – long story but I went into a Pentacostal church for the first time this past weekend. I was raised as a Baptist and then had a long agnostic period before I became Catholic. I am actually very happy being a Catholic – went to mass that day, but went along with my friend to this other service. I liked some things about it, but without the Eucharist something is missing.


Yes that’s how I felt after I had been going there for 6 months I started to feel a yearning for Tradition and I realized later that it was actually the Eucharist that I yearned for.

I still pray for those girls at that house, though I don’t think they will become Catholic any time soon. I really did have some interesting experiences there and I was actually only just Confirmed that year (2011) even though I was still new in the faith and did not understand it all they still were not able to drive me away from it , I actually ran closer to the Catholic faith whilst living there. It was a good experience in that it brought me closer to the faith. But the ganging up on me thing was not cool at all, but like I said once I started getting into True Devotion I seemed to have the upper hand after that and Mary sheltered me until I got out of that place. Its interesting though because they were trying to drive me away from Mary and instead I ended up going straight for her… Oh dear Mother Mary she is so sweet and works for us in ways we don’t even know about.

Just jumping in here: if you haven’t read any of St. Louis de Montfort’s works, I highly recommend God Alone which is a complete collection. His greatest writing, according to de Montfort scholars, is actually “The Love of Eternal Wisdom” which gives a wonderful, in-depth look at his spirituality. I’ve just started reading it, and it’s awesome! This work is also included in God Alone.

BTW, I love St. Louis de Montfort, too! He has been guiding my 2 year discernment of the priesthood, faithfully drawing me closer to Our Lady, day by day. I pray his Prayer to Jesus, which is pretty much a consecration in and of itself, at least weekly. I did make the de Montfort consecration years ago, too. :thumbsup:

Many blessing to you all! :getholy:


St. Louis Marie Gringon de Montfort, pray for us! :gopray:

Thanks for the article! If I were reading it a couple of years ago, it would have seemed very weird. Coming from a Reformed-ish background, it took me a while to understand devotion to Mary.

Frank Duff, founder of the Legion of Mary, recommends “The Knowledge of Mary” as a good starting point for anyone who might be struggling with “True Devotion”. He said it gave him the foundation that he needed to understand something that previously had seemed almost absurd.


“The Knowledge of Mary” is out of print, but I found a print-on-demand version inexpensively on Amazon.com.

Thank you for that helpful info :smiley:
People could really use this Marian consecration in the world it makes a world of difference for those facing daily spiritual battles. I am so glad I have done this and just pray that I will alway be faithful to it :smiley:
We just have to put our trust in God and have Mary as our Mother when we do this we are on the right path and I believe doing Gods will!!! :heart:

Thanks Christine. I know I need the Blessed Mother of God. I’m very happy that I did my Consecration last year, and I would recommend it to everyone. It’s not always easy, but the Blessed Mother makes things clearer to us, ie. what we need to do to share God’s Love.

God Bless:gopray:

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