Apostolate of Holy Motherhood


Does anyone know if the Apostolate of Holy Motherhood visions were considered legitimate and worthy of belief by the Vatican or has no response been issued. I’ve been reading a book about this by Mark Miraville (Francican U of Steubenville) written in early 90’s. Although clearly orthodox in subject matter, the dialogue from the visions of the Christ Child and Blessed Mother seem a little too contrived to me - whole phrases and passages from the Bible and other sources appear to be purposely “shoehorned” in an almost deliberate attempt to convince someone reading that it is entirely orthodox. Maybe it’s just me reading too much into it - I certainly don’t want to disparage something that may be authentic. What do other people know about this. God Bless.


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I have that same book. I was told in the past to look in the front cover to see if it says “NIHIL OBSTAT” and “IMPRIMATUR”

I’m pasting in a link that explains what those mean, but bottom line is that unless you know the book comes from a trusted orthodox source (ie a priest you trust is completly orthodox), you cannot completely trust those imprints.


Bummer :slight_smile:


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