Apostolic Authority documentation


It is said that the Catholic Church has apostolic succession. Can each bishop today trace his succession back to the apostles? If so, where can one go to see this documentation?


Since every bishop is appointed or ratified by the pope one need only show that the pope has a line of succession.


I’ve heard that some bishops have a chart which shows their “descent” all the way to the apostles.


Though I’m Anglican, I have no doubt that the RCC can indeed trace their episcopal lineage back to Apostolic times (so can we, but that’s another issue. Yes, I’m very familiar with Apostolicae Curae) . But documenting it seems to hit a small technical glitch in the 1500s.

A RC deacon, a very well-read man, near to being priested, posted a link to this site on another board, recommending it as the best source on the question:




It’s not so much a line as it is a web. Each is Ordained by three Bishops. This then creates a net in case one of the Bishops is found to not have valid Orders for some reason. (which to my knowledge has never happened) The records of Ordinations are found in each diocese and the Vatican archives. You won’t find it on the internet.


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