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I hope this is the correct forum to post my dilemma. My parents received an Apostolic Blessing from Pope John XXIII. He died shortly after they got married. My maternal grandmother received an Apostolic Blessing for herself “and Family” (sic) - (Grandpa passed away about 15 years prior).

Question: Does the Apostolic Blessing which says “and Family” include immediate family only (my mom, aunts & uncles) or does it include descendants as well (me, my siblings and their children, my cousins)?

Question 2: Does an Apostolic Blessing cease with the death of the Pope who gave it? A fellow I know said “yes”. I told him that I never heard of such a thing.

Any information is much appreciated, especially from our priests. Thank you!

It means the immediate family, not future generations.

A blessing is given to a living person(s); so when the last member of “And Family,” passes away, the blessing is complete.

It wouldn’t cease when the Pope dies. These blessings are actually signed by a delegate of the Pope who gives a whole pile of them his blessing en masse. The Holy Father doesn’t handle them individually.

Deacon Christopher

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