Apostolic Christians


In the Saint Joseph Edition of The New American Bible, in The Gospel of Saint John , there was a footnote about “Other sheep”.

Other sheep: the Gentiles, possibly a reference to "God's dispersed children", destined to be gathered into one, or "apostolic Christians".     

The Savior came for the Chosen People.   
The Savior came for the Gentiles.     

Why would the Gentiles be referred to as “apostolic Christians”?


Obviously, not all Gentiles became Christian. Some of them stayed pagan Gentiles. Some of them accepted evangelization by the Apostles, and hence became “apostolic Christians.”

I know, it’s not a term you hear much these days.


Mintaka, Thank you for the explanation.:):slight_smile:


Im not speaking with any knowledge of this term because I have never looked into it. But the term to me would seem to be concerning any Christians from the apostolic age and not limited to only Gentiles. But if that was the meaning of the term then thats news to me!


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