Apostolic Church Sugunda/ Sugunda lglesia apostolica

A number of Hispanics that I work with or live near me have left the catholic church
Sugunda lglesia apostolica

They are denouncing their trinity baptism and getting baptized in the name of Jesus only

Does anyone know anything about this group I want to educate myself to help these people I know come back to the catholic church

Seems to be a Spanish Pentecostal movement which is going on all over the country. I think I’ve seen them here too. Lots of stuff on Google, but I don’t understand Spanish. :confused:

Yes, I agree it sounds like a Oneness Pentecostal church. Oneness Pentecostals (who deny the Trinity and baptize in the name of Jesus only) tend to call themselves “Apostolic” because they think that their Oneness doctrine goes all the way to the apostles.

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