Apostolic Pentacostal info-dump request

This is a general request for an information dump. Long-story short non-trinitarian (or does not understand the concept of the trinity) Apistolic Pentecostal (baptized in the name of Jesus, said “Jesus is the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit”).
Pastor has a bunch of his own notes on the bible. I have an interlinear greek new testament to bring if that would help. I need to walk in to both of them prepared.

Off the top of my head, The ending of mark (16:9)(where the ‘baptize all nations’ line is), where the holy spirit descends as a dove in bodily form, and just dump here. Everything I need to know, focusing on the Bible. :slight_smile: If I can’t find it in the bible, he won’t listen, but I do have the original greek to cite to get the whole ‘translation’ issue out of the way.

I’m a bit on the asocial side as you can probably tell by the way in which I phrase things, I’m sorry, any help would be appreciated, I need to learn. This is not just for one debate, but this is to understand all the different denominations more.

From the folks at www.biblicalcatholic.com, this might help: The Holy Trinity and “Oneness” Pentecostals.


Volume 2.5 specifically deals with those who reject the Trinity.

I have argued with an “Apostolic Pentacostal” before and his stumbling point was when he said his beliefs (about the “Oneness” of God) were the original Christian belief. I was then able to take him back to the historic writings of the early Church which taught the Triune nature of God (the Holy Trinity) and showed him where his beliefs were condemned as heresy in the earliest writings that we have.

When he was unable to give a single historical source that supported his position, I asked him to explain why I should accept his new (19th century) doctrine of man regarding the Godhead. He said it wasn’t new. So, I said, “Please explain to me which part of your belief is neither “new” nor was condemned as a heresy by the Christians whose writings we have available to us”.

That was the end of the discussion.

I doubt he’ll listen to anything you say. Look at his own words below. That’s not in the Bible. He probably has a list of verses he interprets as meaning that, but it’s not directly there. Anything you use to prove you have to baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit he will most likely interpret differently.

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