Appalled @ Inspiration Network

First, I am a new member to Catholic Answers and I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of Catholicism and the Church. While I grew up as a Southern Baptist, I made the decision to convert to Catholicism awhile back but because of some health problems have been unable to finish my RCIA classes. I am hoping that I will be able to return very soon, as I feel more at home in the Catholic church than any church I attended previously.

Today, I was astounded and appalled to turn my television to the Inspiration Network and hear someone named Doug Batchelor (apparently a Seventh Day Adventist, though I’ve never heard of him before) claim that the Catholic Church was/is “The Bride of the AntiChrist”!! How is it possible that a television station claiming to be “Christian” actually support and televise someone so obviously disturbed? I could only stand to watch for a few moments, but those few moments were enough to enrage me. I am aware that other so-called “men of God” in recent times have launched similar attacks on the Catholic Church (John Hagee comes to mind first) but I find it inexcusable that any station claiming to provide Christian broadcasting would include this kind of blatant, vindictive anti-Catholic programming.

Is it just me or should this anger every Christian, not just Catholics? Then what can we do, besides turn the station? How can we (or should we) make the Execs at Inspiration Network know this is unacceptable? If we do not hold them accountable, as well as those who speak these lies about the Church, are we not in essence also supporting them and their twisted views?

I would really like to get other opinions on this. Thanks for providing such a great forum.

God bless.

Believe it or not there are many ‘christians’ who think the Catholic Church is not Christian.

Welcome Home! I hope you can return and finish your studies with the RCIA. Welcome also to the world of Catholic Bashing. You will find certain protestant pastors out there, who have a direction of thinking that concerns mostly of attacking the Catholic Church, egged on and fully supported by the secular media. As Catholics, we generally just ignore these guys; they don’t really have anything useful to contribute to a discussion on unity and are intolerant to anyone who does not share their views or opinions. If someone is really out of line, you can contact The Catholic League and someone there will look into it and complain to the parties involved. You could also contact the Inspiration Network and complain, but I doubt if anyone there would do much about it. The network probably has some kind of disclaimer where they claim that the opinions of the speakers on the air do not reflect those of the network, a cop out to prevent lawsuits. The best defense against this kind of thing is to know and be ready to defend the faith.

Thanks for your response to my post. It is really appreciated. I guess that I’ve never really paid enough attention those bashing Catholicism in the past, probably because I chose to believe most of it came from places like Ireland and didn’t connect it for some reason. Silly I know, but I have no other reason for why I’ve never really paid much attention to the Catholic vs. Protestant “battle” of Christianity. It just seems to me, that with all the trouble and pain afflicting our world these days, in-fighting between Christians is so senseless. For that matter, I’ve never really understood the condemnation of Jews and/or Israel by fellow Christians for that matter.

As a Christian, whether Catholic or Protestant, should we not embrace fellow Christians as well as other religions even if we don’t fully acknowledge their individual religious views? Though I readily admit I’ve had a very limited knowledge of other religions personally, I’ve never felt the need to “bash” any of them simply because they worship differently than I do.

Perhaps I am in for a rude awakening should I really start to pay attention to the main stream media and their portrayal of Christianity and Catholicism in general. I do plan on becoming better educated on not only Catholicism but other Christian denominations as well so that I will be better prepared to educate those who speak such lies against us.

I agree with you completely that it is doubtful Inspiration Network will ever change their programming I am planning to write a letter to their executives to let them know how I feel. I also plan to write to some of their major advertisers/supporters and voice my concerns about this program and the horrible lies of Doug Batchelor. I may not be able to accomplish much as an individual, but I feel God directed me to that channel for a reason and maybe, just maybe I can change someone’s view by simply educating them on the truth about the Church. Since I was a child God gave me a love of writing so maybe it’s time I put that to work for Him.

Thanks again for your input. God bless.


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