Apparently, I'm a heretic and I'm going to hell

Well, I’m definitely not a heretic. Amazes me, how someone who’s never even met me can judge me, based on the fact that I say the pope is the Pope. What else would he be? I know we should pray for those people, and I intend on it, but I’m just letting off some steam.


Be at peace Adam. We get you, and we try not to feed the trolls.
One should pray and forgive yes, but yeah, it’s difficult.
So much anger. Pharisees in every age.

Have a coke and a smile.
Pace et bene.


I got some black tea. I’m good to go. I’m just letting it off, like I said I’ve been called worse things.


Adam , flag it, don’t feed it!


from this, how can we tell? what did you get accused over?

Exactly what I said. I was never told how, other than because I said the pope is pope.

Oh for goodness sakes! You appear to be a welcoming, sincere, and devout Catholic. Pay no heed to the unfortunate rubbish that is spewing from someone calling you a “heretic.” Especially since I think said person just uses that word willy-nilly. :blush:


You seem to be a sensitive and sincere person. Your posts are always informative. Do not let someone who seems to want to push your buttons get you upset. May the peace of Jesus fill your heart.:butterfly::butterfly:

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Hang in there Adam.

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Being called a heretic is pretty bad, but I’ve been called worse things. Honestly, it bothered me more that someone told me I’m going to hell without even knowing me. That has me worried about their soul.

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I’m a lot of other things too, unfortunately I can’t say them here. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I am sorry they called you a heretic. That is very mean. And I am sorry they told you that you were going to h***. That is very cruel. You are right, their soul is hurting and perhaps in danger. :pray::candle:

I don’t see why people have the psychological need to hurt people. I get, they want to be right, don’t we all want to be right? But that seems like going a little too far. Unfortunately, I think this type of thing is a little too common.


You said it not me I was trying to comfort you :triumph: Guess I’ll have to go to confession for my last post…you think? Mean while here eat some:::cake:All kidding aside you are informative yet in the same sense you are funny.’'We love you::blush:…Now I have to go out with my kids and build a snow man, Alot of snow in Philly. Behave yourself. God Bless you kind sir.:

You know, it snowed here in South Carolina too. Just, not where I live.

Report the post. It is a violation of forum rules.

This was awhile ago, the post has already been taken down I think

When people start tossing around the “heretic” slur, I always think of this:


Anyone who calls you a heretic and says you’re going to Hell, just say, “Thank you for being so concerned about the state of my soul. Is there anything I can help you with?” and see how they respond. They won’t expect politeness from you. It just may give them pause for thought.


Tell me, Adam, have you ever tried not being a heretic???

I kid.

Don’t feed the trolls and be at peace…

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