Apparently Jesus referenced apocrypha/deuterocanon

I found this resource and i’m so excited!! I found a list of references and paraphrases from the books of the OT that are in the catholic bible but aren’t in the protestant ones! Its laid out really convincingly and it looks well researched, to me. Its very enlightening and i’m happy to read it, especially what it says regarding the book of revelation.

Not to say i’m switching over to catholicism just yet…but i’m slowly and gradually becoming convinced that it was wrong to exclude these books in the bibles i grew up reading. I mean, just reading through this alone convinced me of that. All the references. I mean shouldn’t the numbers alone tell you that much lol i mean 66 versus 73! Joking, but isn’t number symbolism important in the bible sometimes?

PS - sorry if i got the terms in the title wrong. Its still very, very confusing for me trying to learn which one to use.


According to Trent Horn from Catholic Answers, he stated on his podcast (The Counsel of Trent), that while the Deuterocanonical books are alluded to in the NT (but not all of them), none are quoted in the NT. And there are several non-Deuterocanonical books, such as Pseudepigraphical & Apocryphal books directly quoted in the NT - many of them more frequently than the Deuterocanonical books. In fact, the additions to Ezra-Nehemiah (1 Esdras) was included in early versions of the Septuagint, the Vulgate, in the 4th Century Church Councils of Hippo & Carthage, as well as directly quoted in the NT.


I would like to compare the context of Trent Horns usage in his podcast to this article. I think the article does a good job showing how the length (shortened) of a quote can still be the quote. Do you have the Horn transcript? I dont plan on subscribing to the podcasts and searching. Stating Horn says “none are quoted in the NT” does nothing for me without full context.


Heb 11:35 is a reference to the events described in 2 Maccabees 7.
So it follows that Jesus and the Apostles accepted the Septuagint.


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