Apparition at Akita Japan


I currently live in Niigata Japan which is the diocese for Akita. When I first came to Niigata five years ago I asked the local priest about visiting Akita and why there was no mention of it anywhere in Catholic Churches. He told me that the previous bishop had given approval to the apparition but the new bishop has reservations so he removed the approval. It’s back to being investigated again. My question is how is this canonically correct? Second has this happened before. If so, where?


Don’t know if it’s happened anywhere before, but remember that Marian apparitions are NOT required belief for Catholics, not part of the Apostolic deposit of faith. It is quite legitimate to not believe that Mary has appeared anywhere ever - as long as you permit others to believe shoud they choose to do so.

This being the case, pronouncements on Marian apparitions can’t fit into the definition of infallibility - they can’t be intended to be binding on all future Catholics for all times. Hence they can be revoked and the apparitions re-investigated.


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