Apparitions at Marmora


Does any one know about the apparitions at Marmora in Ontario?
Apparantly Mother Mary appears there and miracles are happening i.e. rosaries changing colour and the sun dancing.


First of all is this apparition approved by the church? The letter of Paul tells us to test all things. If it promotes disobedience to the church this is not a friut of the holy spirit. If it casts judgement on the church its not a friut of the holy spirit either. Contact your local pastor then your bishop and obey him! Proceed with caution.

Padre Pio “Don’t worry, work and pray.”


has a 1995 letter from Archbishop Spence of the Kingston archdiocese in which he says “It is the wish of the owners of the farm at Marmora that publicity not be given to the farm or its events, and I concur in this judgement.”


This apparition is not approved by the church. I went to this so called “apparition site”. The woman was saying strange things…for example she said “Our Lady” was telling us that when we use holy water, we are to use the sprig of a tree, not our hands. Wierd things like that.


No bones about it. Catholic will help you understand the role of the Living Magesterium. It is fun to learn from it. IHS Daryl


I live about 20 miles away from Marmora. Never been to the farm and I likely won’t, unless it is approved by the magesterium.

i have been there and believe Mary has appeared
there. During her appearance (i couldn't see her),
the sun was "dancing around" and i was able to look 
directly at the sun. It was like nothing i'd ever 
experienced. It was the Feast of St. Francis of


Not only have the Marmora apparitions NOT been approved by the Church, they have NOT even been approved by the local Bishop which is the first stage in the process. Without Church approval nobody should be spreading the word that such apparitions are true.


If you do not believe that Satan could even make you to see the sun dance before your eyes, you underestimate the forces you are dealing with! Read the Gospels, go to Church, pray the Psalms and avoid these sorts of people at all costs!


These could quite easily be psychological delusions or some kind of phenemona caused by a defect in someone’s eyes or sense perception. The Church conducts rigorous investigations into so called miracles including scientific testing, and before this is done I would assume it might be simply some sort of psycho-physical hallucination.

All i said was i believed it, that does not mean they are true.

i do read the Gospels and Psalms and am a devoted

Catholic. i do not follow visionaries, i merely said i
believe Mary was there. Do you not test the spirit by
fruits? Believe me there is no stronger and devoted
Catholic than me.

Well than it was mass hallucinations.
It could also be real, imho.


I went there and I too believe in it. I witnessed a woman get healed in my pilgrimage group while we were praying the Way of the Cross at the Apparition site. There was a priest present when I went there too. You are all entitled to your opinions but I do believe Jesus and Mary have manifested themselves here.

By the way, the seer I met there used a regular Holy Water bottle for sprinkling Holy Water as opposed to a tree branch or whatever. She had Father sprinkle with it at the apparition site.


I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you weren’t! :slight_smile: I guess I was just stating my own personal philosophy more than anything else…


This needed repeating. :slight_smile:


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