Apparitions list?

Where, if anywhere, can I find a list of approved apparitions of Mary, explaining what happened and where and maybe an explanation of what the church teaches she meant by what she said? It may be because I’m new to Catholic terminology, but I can’t really understand what she meant in some of the apparitions.

I first came upon some of this information with the recent National Geographic article on the Blessed Virgin.

Here is a interesting link and extensive list.

if you type in search, on here, List of Marian Apparitions there are good references!

Try this one.

Be very careful where you get your information, not all are correct!!! (I wouldn’t trust this one.) God Bless, Memaw

I disagree with you. www.miraclehunters in my view is the most comprehensive and best site. It is one of the few that actually tells the truth about Medjugorie.

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