Apparitions of Jesus as Child. Does it makes sense?

Jesus is risen and has a glorified body at right of the Father he is. I dont get if he appears, that he appears as a child, he is not a child he is the glorified King not a child.

Jesus is omnipotent since He is God, so He is able to change the way His body looks.

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Which apparition are you referring to? His incarnation as a whole or some specific apparition?

But what would be the reason for appearing as a child when you are the king glorified jesus. As far as i Know Jesus was in humbleness state on earth, philippians 2, as soon as he was raised up and came to the father, he was no more in humbleness state.

Appearing as a child would be comming back to the humbleness state

Never heard one. Just folks talking about mary appearing with baby Jesus in her hands.

There is the Holy Child of Atocha, and (I don’t know if it counts as an apparition) the Holy Infant of Prague. The Infant Jesus has also appeared to numerous saints including but not limited to: St Anthony of Padua, St Teresa of Ávila, St Rose of Lima, St Faustina, etc.

So I cant get it. My brother.

Jesus had the beatific vision, including knowledge of all that ever had happened or ever would happen. So even as a child, He could have appeared to anyone at any time.

He can be both, a child and a king.

Maybe He wanted to show someone what true humility is. I guess it depends on the context.

He is not currently a child he is not anymore in tthe humble state

That I could buy it Sammy

A little piece of bread, isn t that humble?

Yes but we are talking about apparitions after his resurrection til nowadays. You get whay im saying bro?

My bro or sist thats way different, he himself made an institution of that. I thank your collaboration but I think it can not be related.

Then why do you call childhood " a humble state" or something like that?

He’s also not fair skinned with light brown hair but sometimes he does appear that way.

I’ll try to answer another way; appearing as a child you see his humility, his littleness. When Jesus appeared to St. Faustina he told her it was to teach her humility. When Jesus appears as a child he has a reason.

What I’m saying is that, even as a child, Jesus could have appeared to anyone at any point in time. Being God, He is not temporally bounded.

I get that. And I say ok, but he is not litlle anymore. And we should, i think, be carefull when he says he is humble thats an attribute of human kind not for divinity. He shows love sometimes by taking a human role, he certainly humbled himself at the time to hypostasis.

But now is not om earth, he is in throne he is king so i can not imagine him as telling me anything as a child. I dont get why he should remain in somekind of humbleness.

Good answer tho and ty

Yes I agree he had all the powers. But maybe I made a bad question or I am not enoguh articulate in English to ask that.

It just blows my mind, do u imagine mary appearing as a litle girl?

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