Apparitions of Mary

It seems that non-Catholics have the most “trouble” with Marian beliefs of all Catholic beliefs.

What do you think of the apparitions of Mary (those approved by the CC)?

I’m Catholic, and I don’t believe in them, but I’m wondering what you guys (non-Catholics) think.

Do you believe that Mary, the other Saints, or maybe angels visit people and can be seen?

Thats interesting, are you familiar with the vision of John in the book of Revelations where he finds the new ark of the covenant, there you will find in scripture a apparition of the blessed Mother Mary.

Revelations 11:19 Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant could be seen in the temple. There were flashes of lightning, rumblings, and peals of thunder, an earthquake, and a violent hailstorm. 12:1 A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman 2 clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.

True, You dont have to believe in the approved apparitions of Mary to be Catholic, the Catholic church says these are worthy of belief, but you dont have to, nor do you have to have a devotion to her or any saint, repeat you dont have to. Although you are aware of the 4 doctrines of the Blessed Virgin Mary that in order to be Catholilc these doctrines are to be believed by all Catholics.

Iam just curious, have you ever visited a shrine of our lady, anywhere. Are you aware of the miracles that take place. Question, do you believe a dirty handkerchief is abel to heal the sick?, Pauls dirty handkerchief healed many in the bible. How hard is it to believe God can work miracles through the Mother of his son Jesus if he so choses.

I think that it would have been very helpful if whoever wrote Revelations had identified the ‘woman’ by name…

Yes I agree, and the Apostle John the beloved one of Jesus is accredited to this book of Revelations. God has away of calling us to faith, through his holy Spirit, for the spiritual realities are foolishness to the natural man.

A correct belief in the blessed Virgin Mary, leads to a correct belief in Jesus Christ.

Yes, and I think it happens a lot more often than gets reported. But one thing I’m really curious about, why does Mary only appear to Catholics?

She has appeared to many unbelievers now Catholic.

I’m a protestant, and I believe in the apparitions of Mary. Maybe its because I want to believe in them. I tend to search for things that glorify God, and maybe that’s what leads me to believe in the apparitions. I don’t know. I’m especially fascinated by the Fatima miracle…Roanoker

that’s wonderful roanoker, dont be surprised if she is calling you to a deeper knowledge of her Son Jesus. I know of many unbelievers testimonies who visited her shrines as a skeptic to prove the apparitions false. They left the shrine on a mission to proclaim a message from her son Jesus, and converted to Catholicism. I heard some of them speak, one was a very influential New York media owner, sold all his news papers and television stations, and is now traveling the world proclaiming Jesus and the Message from the blessed virgin Mary.

A note of warning, if the holy spirit is moving you, I would recommend follow the love and the joy you will experience will take your breath away litterally, it did mine, I stopped breathing for about 5+ minutes and did not realize it, until my vision stopped, I was out of breath.

What a nice story you have shared with us.
Im glad the Holy Spirit touched you.


Angles could visit anybody Catholic, non-Catholic, Muslims , non-Muslims even atheists/agnostics ect. It is their discretion not our.

But the Marian apparitions , seems more like a superstition. Those who see them can’t mention her description with clarity, they mention very generalized things and no specific things, I think. I think even Vatican approved don’t mention any specifics. If there are specific description, please mention with references.


Tell me can you describe an Angel if anyone can see one?

Do you the description of God in the meeting tent with Moses?

Can you describe What Moses and Elijah looked like at the transfiguration?

Can you describe what God looked like standing in front of the Rock when Moses smite the rock?

Can you describe what God looked like in the Cloud?

Can you give a description of the angel Gabriel?

Tell me, when the prophets recorded their visions, did they describe exactly how they saw it? or did they describe it in terms that could be understood by man? And mind you, these were not little children who witnessed these apparations, they were adults.

Honestly as a relatively new Catholic I have major issues with most things Marian. It doesn’t help that I live in the Southwest; 99% of the Catholics I’ve ever known were Hispanic and they honestly seem to have a much deeper devotion to Our Lady than non-Hispanic Catholics I know. Some seem to cross the line from veneration to adoration, IMHO. You will see more images of Mary in the SW than you will ever see of Jesus, and honestly it still kind of disturbs me. Anyone remember Jesus? is what I always feel like asking.

There are many visions of Mary that are well described, just do a google on Fatima, Guadalupe and Lourdes. You will get plenty of answers you seek.

Yes, I’ve thought that!! That’s funny…

Such as…?


This seems to be like a superstition to me, as they cannot fully describe about her physical features that match with one another. If somebody who has experienced this could describe it with clarity, I would be thankful. Please note, I don’t want description of her clothes or of the light around her. Please describe her physical features.


She doesn’t. Google Zeitun in Egypt where the Blessed Mother appeared to all from 1968 to 1971. Muslims, Christians, Coptic Catholics, Coptic Orthodox, in fact anyone who was in Zeitun or watching it live on TV, all saw her. There are videos clips of the apparitions. There were no seers with this approved apparition but many healings have been associated with it.

I think God can lay on anything he wants if he thinks the individual concerned will respond appropriately. There would probably be little point in trying to communicate with an evangelical through an apparition of Mary, so he would use some alternative method of communicating with them.

No oxygen for more than 5 minutes! Call me skeptical. :slight_smile:

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