Apparitions posted on you tube

I’ve been looking at some of these apparitions that people have posted on you tube and i have to say that some of these are very impressive.

Virgin Mary in Vietnam:

the Holy Spirit in the Holy Land, i think:

the Virgin Mary appears over the sun at Medjugorje:

Jesus appears in lebanon, it also looks like theres 2 more people to his right hand side:

Virgin Mary Apparition‬‎ in Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt:

Vatican ghost:


I’ve been interested in the Zeitun apparitions since I first heard about them in '73. This one in Cairo is very much like that one. The pigeons flying around, the figure moving on the dome of the church. Something to think about.

Please keep in mind that CAF does not allow discussion about non-approved apparitions.

Since this is Popular Media and the thread is about YouTube files regarding apparitions, I’ll allow the thread to continue provided discussion is about the videos themselves or about the activity surrounding them being posted on YouTube.

I’ve been writing to one guy who’s been posting a lot of the videos from Egypt (CopticLion) about the quality of the videos. Hopefully someone will bring along a digital video camera and be able to catch an apparition with better quality than with a cell phone camera.

One thing to note that we should be aware of: there is one video (I won’t link to it unless approved by the CAF admins) that is in Arabic; however, it starts out showing the light that is purportedly the apparition on the roof, and a man with a beard standing on the ground in front of the crowd. From 0:00 to 0:03, you see him standing there. Between 0:03 and 0:04, the man … evaporates. There are people saying that it was John the Baptist; however, one person I know says that it was Maitreya. So regardless of the validity of the apparitions, there is the strong possibility that they will be co-opted by other, non-Christian groups.

Question: Since the Zeitun apparitions (among others) took place in Egypt at churches belonging to the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Vatican neither approved nor disapproved the apparitions. They WERE approved by the bishops and patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Since the Coptic Church is a co-equal Patriarchate with the Latin Patriarchate (aka the Vatican), does that constitute “an approved apparition” for the purposes of CAF rules?

I saw the one where supposdely Mary appeared on top of the church. To be honest i can’t see anything. I see the light yes but i can;t make anything out of it.

That’s why I’m hoping they can get someone there with a proper camera that does a better job of handling contrast. So far, all the eyewitness accounts have been consistent, but it’s not the same for the viewers at home.

I watched some of the suppose Medjugore one. The light looked more like the eye in the Lord of the Ring movie than Mary.

FWIW, CopticLion now has a video up ( that does a comparison of images from the Zeitun apparition (1968-1971) (which was approved by the Coptic Orthodox Church) and images from the presently occurring Warraq apparitions (which are undergoing study). The video is almost entirely of still photos or single frames from videos. In this video, CopticLion has included some of the original stills from cell phone videos. The biggest problem with the cell phone pictures is that the cell phones can’t handle contrast, so all we see is in the video is a great glowing light. In some of the photos, CopticLion has included insets showing the results of computer enhancement, where the brightness has been reduced so we can see some of what the eyewitnesses are seeing.


No. The Coptic Orthodox Church is a non-Catholic church that is not in union with the Catholic Church. Our rules regarding apparitions require approval by the Catholic Church.

Well, FWIW, the apparitions at Zeitun (1968-1970) were approved by the local Catholic Patriarch, Cardinal Stephanos. I’ll see what I can find about the status of the other Egyptian apparitions.

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