Apparitions (TV: UK)

Anyone else watching this? Care to share opinions?


Me, and so far I really enjoy it. Though maybe the next story line will be harder to watch.

It all depends on whether you think evil is just a concept in the minds of men or an entity having an existance independent of man. The scriptures endorse the latter view. Too much of religion is sanitised by the popular media at the moment. This program makes a different and bolder approach, albeit for the primary reason of entertainment. I hope people enjoy the series and take onboard the more serious undertones.

Yes, while a lot of people will have watched for pure entertainment I would hope that it will lead some to thinking about the reality of the spiritual realm.

I have to say I did not watch this week’s episode as it looked very unpleasant and seemed to involve gratuitous scenes in an abortion clinic…very nasty.

I like Martin Shaw’s portrayal of the Priest. Very measured, intelligent, compassionate. Not so keen on how the Vatican (or some of the Cardinals) are portrayed.

Yes, I too like Martin Shaw’s portrayal of the Priest. Quite inspiring I believe. About the Cardinal, well I have no first hand experiance but TV must use a good measure of artistic licence. I will follow this series to see how it develops - I wonder if there will be a follow-up series?

Much better than I was expecting, I’ve only managed to see one episode so far but I was impressed by the writing. Especially the arguments the writer put in the mouth of the demon in that episode, it was just the sort of things a demon would say and also there was a moment where the demon mockingly tried to turn the exorcism back on the priest and he shut up by gagging the possessed victim. At first I thought they were going to leave it ambigous as to whether the possession was mental illness or not but no they came right out and showed it as demonic, there was a moment where you think the possessed victim has died in that episode jumping from a window. It’s as creepy as hell when the priest turns around and the possessed floats up to the window and starts taunting him.

I’ve only had time to see that one episode but I’d like to see more based on that. Given the BBC’s atrocious run of programmes with regards to the Catholic church (remember pope town anyone…) I was put off watching it but I really enjoyed that episode especially the portrayal of Martin Shaw as an obviously fallible but admirable man who struggles with his own demons, a weakness the literal demons try and pick up on I notice.

Just throwing in my two cents here. The last episode seemed a little PC, but apparently the series is based upon the writings of Fr. Gabriel Amorth, though to what extent I don’t know.

I was amazed that the priest prayed for the intercession of St. Gianna Beretta and stated in no uncertain terms that abortion is evil, on prime time television. In an earlier episode he prayed for the intercession of St. Maria Goretti, not a well known saint to ‘‘outsiders’’. And in the first episode the priest talked to his young seminarian about exactly what the Church teachings on homosexuality are. Whatever the intention behind the program it is educating people on the Catholic faith.

I am contemplating watching this series.

Hello Fran,

I watched the first season last night. I was really surprised how accurate this show was, with exception of the virgin mary episode with muslims. I wasn’t ok with that one, there was some appeasement there. Other than that, pretty accurate. Though, we must be vigilant about these things, they could change. Anybody else have opinions?

So, tell us folks here on the other side of the pond what this show is about: is it fact? fiction? fiction based on fact? Does it deal only with exorcisms? I’m asking because some British programs do show up on American TV after a while, and we might be seeing it someday.

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