Appeals court approves diverting $3.6B in military construction funds for

That is like a drop in the bucket…3.6 billion is 6% of the promised construction costs of the project Trump promised to be completed during his first term…don’t think he’s going make it…and the 3.6 billion is coming out of taxpayers pockets, instead of Mexico, which he again promised would pay for it.

Plus taking it out of military construction funds, much of which would be used for housing for military families? So much for another myth about being the President who has done more for the military than any other!

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projections for the end of the year.

In our area, they’re having a lot of problems with black mold in military housing. Not a good time to be losing housing funds.

Yep…Guessing Camp Pendleton?

Now, he’s doubled the amount…just to allow him to meet his foolish campaign promise…at the cost of military and their families who he has said he has done more for than any other President!

Nope, but we’re heavy enough on military that it’s a bad situation.

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