"...applaud the virtues of family living...families with two mommies or two daddies ..." says Msgr. Garrity

Rev. Msgr. Paul Garrity wrote the following in the December 29, 2013 bulletin.

It is very easy to forget that Mary would have been an unwed
mother were it not for Joseph. It is also easy to forget that Joseph
was not the natural father of Jesus but became his foster father
and protector, along with his new bride Mary. And the circumstances
surrounding the birth of Jesus should fill us all with a deep respect
and empathy for the poor and unwed mothers of our day. Taken all
together, the first family of Christianity reminds us that there is no
such thing as normal. Every family is different and this means that
we need to broaden our understanding of family life beyond TV
sitcoms and applaud the virtues of family living wherever we find
them: two parent families, single parent families, blended families,
**families with two mommies or two daddies **and adoptive families.
What is most important is that we continually hold up the family as
the instrument that God has chosen to communicate God’s unconditional
love to the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society.

link to the original bulletin is found here.

Is Rev. Msgr. Paul Garrity really putting the Holy Family on par with homosexual unions, or am I misreading it?

It’s spreading all over the media.

I was always taught that if I had nothing good to say I should say nothing…

Not a news story

Note that there are possible scenarios where a child may have two mothers or two fathers and the current family be a Catholic family so there would not be a scandal in this (e.g., born out of wedlock and the mother subsequently marries in the Church, etc.) In cases such as this it is always best to go to the source and ask them what they meant by the statement rather than speculating on the Internet.

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