Applause after recessional hymn

Yes, I think this is very different and acceptable. Personally, I would rather see it happen in the parish hall (if you have one), but this is different and totally understandable - and good.

I disagree, a Liturgy is an official public act of worship of the Church. All of the other Liturgies you mentioned ( Stations of the Cross, public recitation of the Rosary) all have a component of worship.

What act of worship is present in the Recessional?

Anytime a priest is in vestments or choir dress, he’s doing something liturgical. The recessional is just as much liturgy as the Stations of the Cross

The very fact that the priest is in vestments is not indicative of the act being a liturgy. It is common for a priest to greet parishioners as they exit the Church after Mass and they commonly do so before they devest. Based your definition, that too would be a Liturgical act. Is that what you are trying to claim?.

A capital L “Liturgy” is surely what you describe, but all forms of public prayer are liturgical (lower case L).

The recessional is an act of “worship & praise.” Typically, the recessional is the “praise” part because we are singing hymns. However, sometimes recessionals are worship when they include an Eucharistic recession (for example the Eucharistic Recession after the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday).

As far as priests greeting parishioners after mass in his vestments, that’s because many recessionals now recess to the exit instead of to the sacristy. For example, when I attend mass at our local FSSP parish, the recession is straight to the sacristy. Father removes his vestments and then heads to the narthex to greet people who are not going downstairs to the weekly pot-luck. Then, he goes downstairs to greet everyone down there. But he’s not in his vestments.

When I go to our Cathedral, SOMETIMES, the same thing happens.

Honestly, I think the reason why priests started greet parish members in their vestments is because most Catholics don’t stay in their pew to pray an Act of Thanksgiving anymore. If most did, then Father would have time to remove his vestments before greeting everyone.


In my parish it’s usually at the end of the Easter Vigil or Christmas Mass when the priest thanks everyone who has helped make the liturgy happen. It’s before the final blessing so, yes, still during the Mass. It annoys me and I don’t applaud anyone for doing the job they signed up for.

I find it odd that we do it then because there is really no one involved in those two particular liturgies who is not involved in the regular Sunday Mass when the choir is present. Same singers/guitar players, same readers, same altar servers.


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At the Archdiocesan Cathedral I occasionally go to they recess with hymnal in hand, singing the recessional hymn, then put the hymnal on a shelf by the last pew. I don’t know, it’s a recessional, shouldn’t we be recessing?

In my own parish most stay until the hymn is over.

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