Apple announces launch of the Apple Watch


Apple announces launch of the Apple Watch



128 GB of storage on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The watch is meh.

The Apple presentation had a dude send heartbeats to another dude. How Athenian :). The watch is also pretty ugly. I’ll pass. The iPhone 6 plus with 128GB of storage is more exciting. :slight_smile:


Well, when the iPad came out, it was mocked as just an overgrown iPod Touch; now, it’s overtaken the world. So I wouldn’t dismiss the Watch too quickly. Besides, the initial pictures that are circulating - such as the white plastic one - are far from the most attractive available versions. There’s a gold one out there…and one with Mickey, too!


It is hideous, looks like some cheap 80’s Casio.


It’s ugly. No I wouldn’t.


I’m sure many people will buy it. I can only speak for myself though. The iPad is nice, I still prefer to use my MBP though than the iPad. The only advantage of the iPad are the handful of Namco Bandai games not available on the Mac. The portability is also nice, but the new MBs are very small too.

If I could get this—>

on the Mac, I’d drop the iPad.


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