Apple declares war against Christians


Apple CEO: It’s a ‘sin’ NOT to ban those who disagree with company’s ‘values’ | News | LifeSite


I would not call that war by any means. It is a private company and they can do what they want. Also I highly doubt that anyone is going to give up their iPhones Facebook or Google or Amazon as well so the point is moot.


Nonsense. This is an attack. This is what happens when the wealthy think they are in charge. I own a cell phone. It is not 4G or 5G. Facebook is a waste.


I seem to be missing the bit where he declares war on Christians.


Certain Christians and their persecution complex.

And lifesite is, as usual the provocateur


Not really an attack. One is definitely free to boycott and stop using all Apple products in protest.


Well, Starbucks didn’t have the (horrors!) plain red Christmas cup this year, so . . .


It’s an attack. All Christians should be aware of this. And those who think that freedom deserves to be protected.


Starbucks. Never been. Overpriced stuff.


So what should be done about this “attack” in your opinion?


I am not giving up my Mac…


LifeSigh, sigh.


I read the article. I missed the attack – other than LifeSite’s interpretation that it is one. Where is the “attack” language?


It seems there was a court decision recently against a newspaper which refused to take an ad from a religious group (if memory serves me well on this), on the basis of first amendment rights.

In the long run, Apple may have to retreat to accepting the content, while expressing their opinion about it.

The Detroit Free Press is the only newspaper that I know of that would run side-by-side ‘yes’ and ‘no’ columns on various topics and allow the readers to decide. My local Michigan newspaper/website scrubs any religious remarks, in addition to running their own editorials. There isn’t a tax hike that they don’t like.

Secularism and anti-religious sentiment is running high especially energized by the gay rights agenda AND it hardly needs to be mentioned that scandals in the Church are so very self-defeating.


I used Anroid anyway (Not that Google and Windows don’t have their own issues with this). I have to at least give google some credit, when people complained about them putting gay pride icons on everything, they did stop doing it. If they’re going to do something like that they should make it voluntary.


Please STOP spreading misinformation,

Apple did not “declare war” on Christians.

I invite you to go to CNN and watch his speech, where he is accepting an award from the Jewish Anti-Defamation League and he is talking about white supremacy, racist podcasts inciting violence taken down from iTunes and the App Store.

Please inform yourself before posting drivel.


No, I need to be angry and persecuted at all times!


Yes, it’s clear those values are anti-white-supremacy and anti-hate speech. Upon taking 1Ke’s advice and listening to the speech, I am now questioning LifeSite’s definition of Christianity if those are the qualities its editors think represent it.


Good to know :slight_smile:


Tim Cook works for lifesite too?

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