"Apple is Catholic and PC is Protestant?"

Okay, so I read online that apparently apple is Catholic, while PC (windows I think) is Protestant. Is saying something like this actually true and valid, or just weird?
I mean, when I read it I thought that was kinda odd, and who actually came up with that idea, or how they did. Does that mean a Catholic can’t buy a PC and a Protestant cant own an iPhone?
People have been saying the Pope and Vatican use apple devices.
But people also said that apple apparently support gay marriage or something.
Is that a proper reason to not use apple? I mean, you can get a lot of Catholic apps on Apple devices (as I’m sure you can with PCs) I have a Divine Mercy app on my iPod touch (which I’m using now) and that app has really opened my eyes and thought me more about God’s Divine Mercy and Love.
So I don’t get the idea, or comparisons.
Is going against a company just for the company’s or people who work in that company’s beliefs proper, or is it being wrong and judgmental?
Or is the actual idea in all this is just loads of over thinking and kind of stupid?
I mean, a lot of Catholics own apple, and I’m sure a lot of Catholics own PCs. And the same with Protestants.
I don’t really understand it either.
Also, I read that Apple apparently sued the Church and google for the “slide to unlock.” so I am sinning by unlocking my android phone with sliding it to unlock it? Am I sinning by continuing to use my iPod touch? Am I sinning by considering getting an iPhone? (thought about before I read all this) am I sinning by using apple? Am I sinning by using windows?
I’m a scrupulous person so is this whole idea just scrupulous?
God Bless

The “apple is catholic” and “pc is Protestant” thing is really just an analogy for the difference between the operating systems. Not intended to connote actual religious affiliation. They’re just saying things like PCs require a “Protestant work ethic” because they are more work to set up, while an iPad works right out of the box. Perhaps also a reflection on the fact that so many manufacturers use windows (like the variety of Protestant churches) but only Apple sells things with their operating system.

its an analogy because apples are so much better then PCs. :smiley:

just like Catholicism is so much better protestantism

Lol. I have not turned on my PC sinceI bought my ipad mini. Just easier to use and faster.

Never heard of a religious reference to either one of them.

Have known people that will not consider being Catholic because it is to hard.

I use to be like that before I converted (to apple) I don’t want to switch to Apple because I don’t want to try and change its to hard to change.

I seem to recall reading something about an early Catholic cultural influence on Apple, in the form of a calligraphy course Steve Jobs attended which was taught (I think) by a Catholic monk. The experience was supposedly the inspiration for inventing several font types.

I’m a cradle Catholic and a cradle Apple user. Well, I would have been if Apples were around when I was still in the cradle but that means my kids are!

I think the comment in question was simply based on the “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” commercials that Apple put out a few years ago, such as this one. These advertisements depict a Mac computer as being cooler, more efficient, more helpful, etc. than a PC. Perhaps the person making the comment was simply making the same basic comparison between Catholicism and Protestantism, hoping that people would catch the reference to the Apple commercials.

If Apple is Catholic and PC is Protestant, Linux must be trad? :smiley:

@OP: Apple is not “Catholic” in any meaningful sense, nor are PC’s “Protestant” in that way. The article(s) in question were using Catholic/Protestant as analogies, nothing more.

Thanks for all the replies.
It’s silly, I know. Actually, when I first came across it, part of me was thinking “Don’t worry about it, they’re just comparisons someone made up and people’s ideas. Use either.” but to contradict that thought, I had another one thinking “or maybe thinking like that is bad and it’s a trick or temptation”
But to worry about that is probably stupid. So even if these things about apple are apparently true ie. Donated money to gay organisations, sued, etc. It still wouldn’t be immoral to actually use apple, or pc either? Would it be immoral to buy any of these in the future?
So does a company’s or people in that company’s thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc. make something immoral?
I know on the apple app store you can get a lot of Catholic apps. Really good and helpful ones too. (I suggest downloading “Divine Mercy” available in the app store. I think it’s made by the Marian brothers. They also have an app about Our Lady, Our Mother Mary. I think the app is called “Mary.” There’s a link in the Divine Mercy app.)
And you can also get Good Catholic apps on the android Market. As I’m sure you can with Windows.
If the Vatican apparently use Apple, that isn’t wrong is it?
And yes, I’ve noticed my scrupolousy/OCD before this. Kinda why I overthought this situation.
God Bless

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