Apple’s New iPhones Don’t Have Headphone Jacks, Because “Courage”



Apple’s New iPhones Don’t Have Headphone Jacks, Because “Courage”

We’ve reached the point in the iPhone’s evolution where the latest generations are more notable for features they don’t sport than for any they do.
Apple on Wednesday announced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and as expected, they look a lot like their immediate predecessors. Also as expected, based on a preponderance of credible rumors: They’re the first iPhones to dispense with an analog headphone jack.
In place of the venerable 3.5mm port, Apple proposes two alternatives.
First, the new phones will come boxed with a set of earbuds that connect via the Lightning port, as well as an adaptor for your old headphones. Yes, the Lightning port is the same one you use to charge the phone. Yes, that means you won’t be able to charge the phone and listen to headphones at the same time.

Second, Apple will begin pushing wireless earbuds, which you’ll have to buy separately if you want them. Conveniently, Apple now owns Beats, which specializes in making headphones, a new line of which will be wireless.
Conveniently for them, I mean. Not for you.
Apple will also launch its own brand of wireless earbuds, called Airpods. (I was rooting for Airbuds.) These come with a chip that Apple says will allow them to switch seamlessly between your iPhone and Apple Watch, and to pair with your devices without the hassle of Bluetooth. These will set you back $159, or “just $159,” as Apple VP Phil Schiller half-heartedly put it. They look nifty, and they just might be the future, if for no other reason than that Apple has decreed them thus.

Apple’s own explanation for the change was a little baffling. Schiller said the rationale for jettisoning the headphone jack could be summed up in one word: “courage.” What kind of courage? “The courage to move on, and to try something new that betters all of us,” he elaborated. OK then!
For the most part, though, we knew or suspected all of this going into Wednesday’s event. So for those mourning their soon-to-be obsolete headphones, the real question was: What would Apple offer in exchange?
Well, for one thing, you can now drop your iPhone in the toilet. I mean, you could do that before, but now when you get it back out, there’s a decent chance it will continue to function. Eliminating the headphone jack enabled Apple to seal the phone at last, making it “dust and water resistant,” albeit not fully waterproof.



Oh, yay, we get to pay more money! :twocents:

Might as well opt for buying an older one that I can use ordinary headphones or earbuds with.


ISB-C earphones will also come for other phones. Intel is publishing the specification on that.


With other phones, do you anticipate that earphones will come with the phone or that it will be purchased separately?


Save your money. Buy the Nexus 5.


“The courage to move on, and to try something new that betters all of us,” he elaborated."

He could have just said: “Because Apple knows what’s good for you. Now eat your spinach and buy the phone.”


Second, Apple will begin pushing wireless earbuds

I don’t know about everyone here, but earbuds on occasion fall out of my ears. without the Cord, they’d hit the ground. It would be a shame if they fell down something like a storm sewer. I can see this being a huge problem.

I’m also amazed they were not called iBuds.


Just one of many reasons I dumped Apple for Anroid…it ain’t what Steve Jobs once made it into.


Could not help remembering the old Mototola brick and the Sony walkman :ehh:
Still unbeatable for self defense. What was its weight? About a kg?
That was courage!:smiley:



Apple owns me, I admit it. I have invested far too much in music and apps to switch to an Android now. But I have a iPhone 5c and don’t plan to upgrade anytime soon. I’ll run it til it dies.

Why didn’t the go with iBuds? LOL


Is it any wonder iPhone sales have fallen? There’s plenty of serious competition out there now. Sales people are steering customers to Sony, Samsung, HTC and many other brands which are every bit as good.

They’ll all be listening to the feedback on things like headphone jacks, etc.

Last year, shopping for a new phone, I was told, “Don’t go with iPhone. They’re too expensive and there are lots of better options – unless you’re Apple-obsessed, in which case there’s no talking you out of it.”

Apple gear (all of it) is premium priced and exclusive in its software and accessories.

I say this as the owner of an iMac desktop, a Macbook Pro, an old iPod and a work-provided iPad. I am a constant Apple user, but I realise I have paid through the nose for it. I’m hardly surprised that other companies are taking up the challenge.


I believe some places have laws obligating new phones to come with headsets. Motorola’s new Z phone and some phones from a few others already ditched the 3.5mm Jack.

USB-C can output analog audio through 2 of its pins and can work with regular headphones with a cheap adapter. Or one could use more expensive all digital headsets. Apple seems to be doing the same thing.

Additionally it seems that USB-C will have capabilities making it able to replace some traditional network cables and HDMI cables.

In both the case of USB-C and Apples lightning audio you will need an adapter to charge your phone and hear audio at the same time.


Yeah, I occasionally have that problem too. They can switch to Bluetooth if they want but unless they have affordable headphones I won’t be getting an iphone again. It’s too bad though because overall I like the phone a lot.


You can use any bluetooth earphones with them. They don’t have to be from apple. Or you could stick with the lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter.


Save your money and buy a three year old piece of hardware?

No thanks.


Or just use the lightning earpods that come with the phone :thumbsup:


If bluetooth provides full functionality, it’s not that harsh a change.


The original iPhone aside, iOS devices Support the bluetooth standards AADP (they can stream audio over bluetooth) and AVRCP (they support bluetooth controllers with buttons for next track, previous track, play/pause, stop. ( ). If that is what you mean by “full functionality” then most bluetooth stereo headsets already work. If you get a bluetooth headset just make sure it supports phone calls too. Most do. On the head phones it may ne listed as supporting the “headset profile.”

Also note that lightning based headphones have been on the market for a while. Current iPhones already support these.


The modern leftist usage of “courage” is laughable. This has absolutely nothing to do with courage.


I don’t associate apples usage of terms with any specific political orientation. Marketing agencies tend to use words in “interesting” ways (I am currently working for one). Apple does a rather skillful job of presenting their products and employing language in new ways, sometimes causing false or exaggerated understanding of what is going on.

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