Apple Sued Over 'Millions of Colors' Claim

Apple Sued Over ‘Millions of Colors’ Claim

Even after decades of regulatory sanctions and consumer lawsuits, companies tend to get carried away with their advertising. The latest case involves Apple’s bold advertising claims that its MacBooks support “millions of colors.”

Nice ad, but the problem is that MacBook LCDs only display 262,144 colors. Geeks say that’s because they use 6-bit TFT models instead of a true 8-bit display, which would indeed support 16,777,216.

But someone at Apple was counting pennies and decided to downgrade the display to 6 bits, even though Mac users pay a considerable premium for what they think will be a superior machine. So says a class action lawsuit against the computer maker.

Tihs may be a dumb question, but can the human eye actually perceive 16,777,216 colors? And distinguis among them?

Maybe women can. We’ve already established (on another forum) that husbands can’t tell periwinkle from cornflower.

Memo to Apple: next time advertise “jillions of colors”.

I’m not sure how many colours a human eye can perceive, but the difference between men and women comes more from the way their brains work, than the way their eyes work. It’s theorized that, way back when our ancestors were fresh out of the garden of Eden, men and women split the daily tasks: men, hunting, and women, gathering. Men became better at spotting movement, which indicated prey, and women became better at being able to see the colour of berries and leaves, and to tell the difference between the ones that were good to eat and the ones that were poisonous. I don’t know how much truth there is to that, but it’s a neat theory.

And there are some women who actually can see more colours than men, and indeed, most other women. The genes that enable the colour-sensing cells on our retinas to do what they do reside on the X chromosome. This is why men are more likely to be colour blind: if the single X they receive is defective in this area, oh well, too bad! But women have two chances to get it right, so to speak. There is, however, another mutation floating about in the gene pool: the red sensing gene has become a bit altered, to detect a different range of colours, closer to orange. The lucky woman who inherits one regular red-sensor and one orange-sensor can see many more colours than an average person can.
Weird fact for the day! :thumbsup:

And Apple better get their act in gear. I’m disappointed, I thought they had a bit more integrity than that. :frowning:

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