Apple Valley Woman Gives Birth To 14-Ounce Baby Boy


Still legal to kill this young man in many states at 22 weeks gestation.

Praying for this little guy and saying a prayer of thanks for his parents.




Praying for this little guy and his family. May God bless them abundantly I can relate because my older sister was born at 1 lb., fifty-nine years ago. The doctor told my mother not to get too attached to her because She wouldn’t make the night,
She lived to be 54 years old. Though she was profoundly developmentally delayed and physically challenged, she was a happy soul and a sheer joy to us.

I pray this little guy goes on to live a long, happy, healthy life.

Thank you very much for sharing this very pro-life story. May God bless you always.


What a beautiful witness about your sister. Thank you. :slight_smile:


And people atill believe procoocers that the baby is just a bidy part. So sad what abortion has done to make people see yhese babies as not human. Don’t you remember the news of the woman in Florida that gave birth at 19 weeks and she had to LIE in the hospital and say she was far along so her baby could get medical attention?? Very sad.


Thank you so very much. I truly appreciate your comments.

Sadly she had to be put in an institution because it was impossible to care for her at home. That broke my mother’s heart. It was a pleasure to visit her. The staff adored her. Her infectious laughter made everyone want to come to work. This is significant because they have a very tough job. Every staff member traveled far for her funeral.

A nun relative once said that when my sister died she would go straight to heaven for she was incapable of committing a sin. If that is so, I can now pray to her to interecede for me before God. Her life shows us that every life is precious and we shouldn’t judge people by how “useful” or accomplished" they are.


Anyway, with God’s help, his parents’ love, and modern medical advances he has a chance. His parents are a great pro-life witness.

On another note, the parents of conjoined twins born in Australia this week are a great pro-life witness. The twins share one head and one body with two faces and two brains. The doctor begged them to abort but they refused, knowing their babies probably would be severely disfigured and not live long. They are madly in love with their babies and wait to get them home. They have seven other children.

Sadly the difference between life and death for babies are whether they are wanted or not. As someone so aptly stated, on one end of the hospital a 20 week pre-born is being killed. On the other end a 20 week pre-born baby is fighting for his life with the doctors’ help. Again, the difference is whether he is wanted or not.

God bless you all.


So sad too that the Florida woman had to lie.


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