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I have always felt a desire for purpose, for something I could devote my entire self to, the need to fill an empty space that only God can fill. A wanting of closer union to Christ. I don’t want to make this too long, but I have been considering a vocation to the diocesan priesthood. It seems that so many things had to fall into place for me to even consider it, and I think it is worth investigating. I at least feel a call.

Would it be out of the norm to seek a vocation in the diocese I attended college? It has been about a year since I resided in the diocese of my university, which is a few hours away from me. I just want to make sure this isn’t unorthodox. Would it be fine to contact the vocations director there, or will they direct me to the vocations director where I am currently residing?

Thank you for any info!

Its perfectly acceptable to apply to another Diocese than your Home diocese. It is just common tradition to do so, but not unorthodox. Look into some Religious Orders as well…


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Let me tell you of a man from my parish.

He went into the seminary as a canidate for our Archdiocese.

Our seminary serves not just Detroit, but diocese through all of Michigan some of the surronding states.

While he was there, he got to know some of his fellow seminarians from the other diocese, some of which were smaller and more rural and had few vocations than Detroit had.

So he began thinking that he might better serve God in one of those other diocese that we really lacking in priests.

He took that though even further, why limit it just to Michigan or even the Midwest. What is the diocese in the WORLD that was most in need of priests?

That diocese turned out to be the Diocese of Mogadishu, Somalia.

The See has no current bishop, the last one was killed in 1989, so it is being administerd by the Bishop of Djibouti.

So that is where he applied for. After completing his Philosophy work in Detroit, he moved to Djibouti to complete his Theologate studies.

He was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Mogadishu a year and a half ago. .

So yes, you CAN be ordained in a diocese in which you are not currently residing.

Thank you both for your responses.

Wow, God Bless that man from your parish who went to Somalia. Brave.

I have looked at Orders/Societies and the Jesuits do catch my eye. I may be going to a retreat at the end of the month with them. I’m not sure how strict they are on gpa for entrance, I graduated right on 3.0 with my degree, so they might not be an option. I suppose it’s something I can talk to them about when I’m there.

Brother, I am happy for you, God bless you.:signofcross:

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You can apply to literally any diocese you want, but they’ll always ask you why you chose that diocese.

Speaking for myself, I am studying for the diocese where I went to university (and not my home diocese), so it does happen.

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