Applying for Entrance

Hi, I’m new! Tomorrow I’m visiting my sisters and want to ask to enter once this coming school year is up. Are there any religious, people who have been accepted, entered and left, etc that can give me advice about how to ask? What was your experience? I’m very excited and really think God is calling me to join them but obviously a little nervous too. :blush: I’m afraid of saying something stupid, I guess.
Thanks and God bless!

Well, congratulations. The Lord will tell you what to say when the time comes. As far as questions, just ask them what the life is like, the daily routine, etc. You didn’t tell us what order you are considering.:tiphat:

Im confused on what school you are going to ask to enter?

Thank you. I know what their life is like; I’ve visited with them a couple times. I wasn’t sure how to ask to enter.
I don’t want to post my community on a public forum, might give me away :wink:

It’s a religious community.

Whats the name of the communnity?

I’m sorry, but I’m not willing to make that public information. Privacy, you understand, right?

OH yeah i get you i was just wondering becausei kept reading your post and couldnt understand what your werer joinh, but its all good and i wish you the best. Also sorry for disrupting the true purpose you created this thread for.

Thanks! No problem :thumbsup:

Here is what I would say: “I am pretty sure that God is calling me to join this community. What do I need to do next?” Then they’ll tell you.

As for anonymity on the forums, you are wise to take that into consideration. If you are wondering why people keep asking, however, you may want to take a moment and browse some of the other threads in the Vocations forum. Young men and women list their communities all the time so as to have more complete discussions about the topic.

OF COURSE you are fine with keeping as much to yourself as you like. :thumbsup: Just please don’t be too surprised that people ask.

God bless you in this time of discernment!

(former Benedictine postulant and novice - but I don’t think anyone here knows my real name now because of that :D)

I lived in a religious community in Rome two years ago but I sort of regret not asking more questions. I have a tremendous respect for religious, and I believe part of me was just happy that I was accepted, so I did not ask them to further explain certain things etc. It was not my time yet, and I was only going to live with them for one or two years, but I left much earlier because it was not what I was looking for.

My advice to you is therefore that you should be very honest with what you are expecting, and make sure that you ask them to explain things that they may have talked about already, but that you somehow find unclear or want to know more about. This is the one family that we may choose ourselves, make sure you pick one that will help you flourish…

Your brother in Jesus,

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